Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel 成都花样年华酒店, Chengdu

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Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel 成都花样年华酒店 Localização

The Rhombus Fantasia is located in one of the most ideal locations in Chengdu, China. It is 5 minutes away from the Chunxilu Street and shopping district, home to more than 700 shops ranging from shopping malls to luxury brand stores.

Endereço: No.216 Low Dong Da Street, Hailrun Complex, Jinjiang District, Chengdu - 610021, China

Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel 成都花样年华酒店 Especiais


Chengdu, China Chengdu is one of China’s oldest cities with an essence that remains to this day. From the ancient monasteries like the Wenshu Monastery, to the Qingyang Temple, the culture of Chengdu has been preserved through many years and with numerous museums, there is much to see at Chengdu. Modernism is a part of everyday life in Chengdu. The world famous Chunxi Road is in the city’s center with a line of shopping malls and luxury brand stores that show the future o f Chengdu. Furthermore, Chengdu is known for its “Tea” culture as it has been a part of everyday life along with other leisure activities such as “Mahjong”. Chengdu is full of possibilities, and it is one of the most defining cities in China.