Hotel Punta Real Resort & SPA, Veracruz

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Hotel Punta Real Resort & SPA Sumário

With all types of activities, services and landscapes in the vicinity, the Hotel Punta Real is a magical way of seeing the best of Veracruz, México. Our boutique hotel features double rooms, suites with views and master suites to satisfy all the needs of a relaxing and tranquil stay. Furthermore, the Punta Real offers a spa, a gym, a pool with a bar and lounge beds, a zip-line and an ATV quad-bikes rental service for those looking for an extreme vacation. The Punta Real with its in-house bar and restaurant, guests have all they need in a magical getaway vacation packed into one setting.

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Veracruz, México Veracruz, México is known as one of the most exotic places on Earth. With a natural geography that can only be found in Veracruz, there are nine regions ranging from Volcanoes to sand dunes. Furthermore, there are ten major waterfalls, ten major coastal lagoons and an incredible 40 rivers that can label Veracruz as a capital of nature. Also, Veracruz is known for its quantity of festivals such as the “Carnival” and the “Santa María Magdalena” to just name a few. The Port of Veracruz is the location where most of the museums and major historical monuments are located. Also, Veracruz contains numerous ruins and pre-colonial temples and cities.