La Casa de Marita Hotel, Galapagos

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from ARGENTINA : +54 115 252 1423
from ITALY : +39 024 032 6417
from MEXICO : +52 554 628 2555
from USA : +1 866 376 7831
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from SPAIN : +34 911878153
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La Casa de Marita Hotel Sumário

La Casa de la Marita está muito perto da praia e possui uma incomparável vista para o mar. O hotel e' o ponto de partida de todas as excursões. Comforto, privacidade e serviços unidos a atmosfera familiar de uma grande casa de férias ao estilo da campina Italiana.

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Galapagos, Equador To discover the Galapagos Islands is to discover nature in its pure state. So pure, in fact, that it led the young English naturalist Charles Darwin, who visited the islands in 1835, to write the “The Origin of the Species”…and the world has not been the same since. The terrestrial and marine environments in Galapagos create a multiplicity of attractive and unique landscapes which have captivated generation of tourist and scientists. Giant Tortoise, marine and land Iguanas, and lava lizards constitute the most spectacular reptile group found anywhere.