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Luxury & Boutique Hotels in Atenas

Hotel cidadão na moda, onde a atmosfera não convencional até seus vários níveis de serviço. Decorado com linhas simples e cores vivas. Localizado em pleno centro de Atenas, perto do municipio.

133 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Restaurante - Avant-garde - Grande - Destino cultural - Sala de reunião - Piscina - Turismo - Ginásio - Wifi
Perto do Hotel: Academy of Athens, Acropolis, Olympeion, National Museum

Located in the heart of the ancient city of Athens, the Margi Hotel is a sea side boutique hotel with incredible and fascinating features that make the Margi Hotel a one of a kind location. With 89 guest rooms, an incredible restaurant, access to the sea side, and many guest services upon request, the Margi Hotel is a boutique hotel that is out of this world due to its amazing concept and its many features.

89 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Restaurante - Casamentos - Lua de Mel - Romântico - Clássico - Destino cultural - Sala de reunião - Piscina - Turismo - Ginásio - Wifi
Perto do Hotel: Vouliagmeni Marina, Vouliagmeni Lake, Athens Centre , Glyfada Golf Club, Glyfada Shopping District, Island club

Atenas, Grècia

Atenas, Grècia Mythical Capital of Ancient and Modern Greece, Athens has reflourished in occasion of the 2004 Olympic Games. Its stunning vestiges of the ancient, Classical Greek city, most famously represented by the Acropolis and its surrounding archeological sites are certainly the main reason for tourists visiting the city. But there are also several beautiful districts such as the old nineteenth-century quarter of Plàka, in particular, is a delight, with its mix of Turkish, Neoclassical and Greek-island architecture, and an array of intriguing little museums devoted to traditional arts, ceramics and music. Just to its north, the bazaar area retains a fascinating atmosphere.