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Luxury & Boutique Hotels in Nottingham

Pequeno hotel com encanto de propriedade privada. Harts Nottingham Hotel está localizado em uma área verde a apenas 5 minutos a pé do centro de Nottingham. Possui um renomado restaurante com estacionamento.

32 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Cidade secundário - Restaurante - Avant-garde - Pequeno - Turismo - Wifi

Nottingham, Reino Unido

Nottingham, Reino Unido With the famed Sherwood Forest -the hideaway for the legendary Robin Hood- just north of town, righteous claims by locals that they house the county’s oldest pubs, the oldest surviving market in England, Market Square, which still serves as the core of the town, this city is simply magical. The Victorian cave system is home to the modest and the pre-industrial minded; the practice of tanning, converting hides into leather, continues to flourish underground. Your visit to Nottingham will surely be one that will not parallel any other medieval English experience. For accommodation, Epoque Hotels invites you to stay at the Hart's Hotel, boutique hotel in Nottingham.