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Boutique hotel in ShenZhen, Cina

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Boutique hotel e di lusso a ShenZhen

L’Hotel Kapok è il miglior boutique hotel a Shenzhen. La proprietà, un grattacielo imponente, offre 116 camere ( standard, suite o executive) dallo stile eccezionale.

116 Camere - Hotel in città - Città secondaria - Avant-garde - Sala Conferenze - Turismo - Palestra

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The Hotel Kapok Shenzhen Bay blends a fascinating location to stay at, while throwing into the mix a beautiful rooftop garden with the possibilities to organize amazing ceremonies and parties, and topping it all off with a wide selection of elegant and delicate rooms. More precisely, 242 rooms, the choices are endless at the Hotel Kapok Shenzhen Bay. Furthermore, nearby are the Coastal City shopping complex along with the Shenzhen Mangrove Seaside Ecology Park. All the possibilities are endless at the Hotel Kapok Shenzhen Bay.

242 Camere - Hotel in città - Città secondaria - Ristorante - Avant-garde - Grande - Sala Conferenze
Vicino al Hotel: Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Fu Tian CBD, Exihibition Center

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ShenZhen, Cina

ShenZhen, Cina Shenzhen is located in the southern part of the Guangdong Province, right on the eastern shoreline of the Pearl River Delta. With Hong Kong lying at the north, Shenzhen's location has given the city considerable geographical advantage for economic development. About twenty years ago, Shenzhen was just a small fishing village. In 1979 it was renamed Shenzhen City. While Shenzhen City does not boast as many historical attractions as other notorious cities in China, its excellent theme parks entertain while teaching visitors about China and the world. Come enjoy the coastal view, the theme parks, the city, and in particular the people of Shenzhen City. Visitors are able to try out foods from each of China's famous cuisines. Local food is also worth trying - Kejia is one of the numerous dishes that should not be ignored. Thanks to its developed economy, it is comfortable to get to Shenzhen quickly and comfortably by train, air or ship. Lastly, when you visit Shenzhen, be sure you plan a day trip to Hong Kong.