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Boutique hotel in Edimburgo, Regno Unito

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Boutique hotel e di lusso a Edimburgo

A the boutique guest house 94DR in Edinburgh, we offer our guests sumptuous suites, luxurious bathrooms and beautiful public spaces to relax and unwind.
Wander through a unique odyssey of world class eating, drinking and dreaming... without even leaving Edinburgh: Le Monde, more than just a Scottish luxury boutique hotel.
Cosseted by enviable views of Edinburgh Castle and with the history and beauty of Scotland’s Capital on the doorstep, the Rutland boutique hotel is the ideal base from which to discover and explore the city.
Luxurious surroundings for the discerning guest, at the Kingsburgh House boutique hotel our guests will discover Edinburgh best kept secret: a splendid detached Victorian guest house in Murrayfield, Edinburgh's most desirable areas.
In the Fife countryside near Dunfermline in Scotland is a beautiful place known as the Balmule House. With 8 beautiful, luxurious rooms, guests can expect the best treatment available. Modern amenities including wi-fi, heated floors, air-conditioning, a business room and much more make guests feel sure they have everything they need. 30 acres of wooded ground and formal gardens provide a perfect opportunity to relax and embrace nature.

8 Camere - Città secondaria - Campagna - Matrimoni - Tranquillità - Classico - Turismo

Edimburgo, Regno Unito

Edimburgo, Regno Unito Questo è un luogo dove l'antico e il moderno si fondono sapientemente. Le superbe opere architettoniche della città includono storiche chiese e capolavori vittoriani; il tutto dominato da un castello posto in cima ad una collina rocciosa, al centro della città. Passeggiando per le vie cittadine, scorgerete di tanto in tanto, incombenti fortificazioni, imponenti picchi vulcanici e colline dalla storia memorabile.