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  • Europe
  • Amérique du Nord
  • Caraïbes
  • Amerique du Sud
  • Asie
  • Afrique


  • Hôtel de la ville
  • Campagne
  • Île
  • Lac
  • Bord de mer
  • Ville secondaire
  • Vue sur l'eau


  • Exotique
  • Lune de miel
  • Vie Nocturne
  • Restaurant
  • Romantique
  • Tranquillité
  • Mariages

Type d'hôtel

  • Avant-garde
  • Classique
  • Famille
  • Intime
  • Grand
  • Style de vie
  • Petit


  • Destination culturelle
  • Gym
  • Salle de Réunion
  • Shopping
  • Tourisme
  • Spa
  • Piscine
  • Wifi

Nous avons trouvé les hôtels suivants pour vous:

The Cappadocia Hotel is located in the neighbourhood of Esbelli overlooking Ürgüp and surrounded by iconic landscapes of hundreds of ancient cave and stone houses, fairy chimneys and other historical structures which makes Cappadocia famous and put it on the UNESCO World Natural & Cultural Heritage List since 1985. The hotel is entirely cave engraved and traditionally designed rooms with sun-soaked terraces have sizes ranging from 30 to 60m2, and each room attracts attention with its unique design. The Cappadocia Hotel has one restaurant with indoor seating and a terrace overlooking the spectacular landscape of fairy chimneys and amazing sunsets.


L'hôtel Duquesa de Cardona est une résidence du 16ème siècle qui offre un confort exceptionnel et bénéficie de magnifiques vues panoramiques sur la montagne de Montjuic. Il est situé au cœur du quartier gothique, à seulement 3 blocs des Ramblas.

40 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Vie Nocturne - Classique - Destination culturelle - Shopping - Tourisme - Wifi

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At our beautiful Bohem Art Hotel we warmly welcome guests in downtown Budapest, offering 62 well appointed and elegant rooms.

60 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Avant-garde - Destination culturelle - Shopping - Tourisme - Wifi

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Les Suites Da-An est un hôtel idéalement placé dans le centre-ville de Taipei, à proximité des boutiques les plus prestigieuses, et des principaux centres d’affaires. Le service de cet hôtel est sans équivalent.

59 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Avant-garde - Destination culturelle - Salle de Réunion - Shopping - Tourisme

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The Masia La Mota boutique hotel is located in an old farmhouse which has been lovingly converted to provide chic accommodation and a restaurant. The 10 luxury double rooms and 2 suites have been restored and decorated with a personal touch and with materials which creates perfect harmony between what remained of the original house and the new improvements. The natural beauty of the surrounding countryside makes this a very special place where you can enjoy the tranquility, good taste and warm hospitality.

12 Chambres

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The Elizabeth Hotel in Trencin, Slovak Republic is a four star hotel with 78 rooms that provide guests with all that is necessary to enjoy a perfect, relaxing experience. Our Elizabeth Hotel features numerous amenities, a wellness area with a pool, an aerobic studio and much more. Guests can rest assured that the staff at the Elizabeth Hotel will provide them with anything they need. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a stay of a lifetime.

78 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Ville secondaire - Restaurant - Mariages - Classique - Salle de Réunion - Gym - Wifi

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The Ascot Hotel is a fascinating boutique hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. With 190 rooms containing numerous amenities and facilities, staying at the Ascot Hotel allows an easy way to discover the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Private parking, a spa, a conference room, 3 restaurants and a fitness center make our boutique hotel a paradise of comfort and convenience. Also at the Ascot Hotel, one can choose the Ascot apartments, fully equipped with all desires and needs such as an open air kitchen, a refrigerator and a microwave. This is convenience at its best.

194 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Classique - Grand - Destination culturelle - Salle de Réunion - Tourisme

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Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli is located next to the Church of San Stae and overlooks the Grand Canal. Our boutique hotel boasts quiet and relaxing rooms, immersed in the tranquility of romantic Venice. Each room has a delightful view of Venice: the Grand Canal, Campo San Stae, the charming Rio di San Stae, the Casino...

41 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Vue sur l'eau - Lune de miel - Romantique - Classique - Destination culturelle - Shopping - Tourisme

Réserver à partir de 304.00 EUR