The Dude Hotel, Berlin

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The Dude Hotel Sommaire

The Dude Berlin is one of Berlin’s finest hotels. With 30 rooms decorated in the most luxurious way and full of amenities, every time one spends a night at The Dude Berlin it will always feel like being in the comfort of your own home. Our boutique hotel the Dude Berlin happens to be in the center of the city making it an ideal location. One can also expect a gym on the premises, along with a cigar lounge, a restaurant and for those guests who happen to be traveling by car, a secure parking area.

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Berlin, Allemagne La ville d’importance stratégique depuis sa fondation au 13ème siècle sur les bords de la Spree, a retrouvé son statut de capitale depuis la réunification du pays en 1989. Berlin est donc le cœur de l’Allemagne. Un lieu parfait pour s’imprégner de l’ambiance du pays.

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