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Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店), Xi'an

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Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin)  西安左右客酒店(高新店), Xi'an. Boutique Hôtel de luxe à Xi'an, Chine


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Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店) Sommaire

Being one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, Xi’an is a must see city and the Zuoyouke boutique hotel is happy to provide an unforgettable experience in leisure and convenience. With an astonishing 54 rooms, along with all the amenities to make any stay a perfect one, our boutique hotel Zuoyouke is one of Xi’an’s wonders. The Tea Restaurant at the Zuoyouke Hotel is an experience that along with the Guest Assistant service, staying at the Zuoyouke Hotel will for sure make you feel like at home. Our boutique hotel Zuoyouke has everything that will give a relaxing and everlasting tranquility feeling. More importantly, this is a great opportunity to feel Chinese culture and more specifically, Xi’an culture.

Catégorie: Epoque Superior - en savoir plus

Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店) Localisation

Xi’an is an important city for Chinese history and culture. The Zuoyouke Hotel is located conveniently 1km from the Tang to the Dynasty City Wall Relics Park, 6km to the Shaanxi History Museum, 200 meters to the New Era Park, 33 km to the Airport and 11.2 km from the railway station.

Adresse: No.14,4th Gaoxin Road, Hi-Tech District,Xi'an, Shannxi Province, China - 710075 - Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店) Xi'an Map

Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店)Information additionnelle

Langues parlées par le personnel
Anglais, Chinois.
Carte de crédit acceptée
Heure d'Arrivée
Heure de Départ
Age enfant(s)
de 6 à 12 ans, compter un supplément
Année de Construction
Total des Chambres
Voltage Électrique
220 Volts

Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店) Services

  • Climatisation
  • Bagagiste
  • Bar: boisons alcoolisées
  • Bar: boisons non alcoolisées
  • Bar: Encas Léger
  • Parking pour vélo et moto
  • Café/Thé
  • Nettoyage à Sec
  • Réception 24/24 heures
  • Amical
  • Blanchisserie / Services de Valet
  • Appel locaux
  • Longue distance
  • Restaurant
  • Coffre fort

Sur Demande

  • Location de vélo
  • Centre d'affaires
  • Location de voiture
  • Conciergerie
  • Service de fax
  • Parking
  • Imprimante/ PC disponible
  • Photocopieur
  • Service en chambre 24h
  • Bureau d'excursion

Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店)Sorties

  • Solarium
  • Œnologie

A coté de

  • Cyclisme
  • Exercice
  • Musée/Galerie
  • Night Clubs
  • Shopping
  • Visites guidées
  • Bain de vapeur

Sur Demande

  • Activités pour les enfants
  • Danse
  • Théâtre

Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店)Dispositifs de sécurité

  • Sécurité 24h/24
  • Alarmes audibles
  • Détecteurs d'incendie dans les couloirs
  • Détecteurs de fumer dans les zones publics
  • Extincteurs d'incendie dans les couloirs
  • Détecteurs de fumée dans les zones publiques
  • Détecteurs de fumée dans les couloirs
  • Les alarmes ont des lumières stroboscopiques

Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店) Restaurants et équipements de boissons

Tea Restaurant of Zuoyouke

Description: Zuoyouke provides its guests with a series of tea and food for selection, letting you enjoying our delicious private kitchen cuisine in different places, as well as our top-class specialty tea products. The Tea Restaurant of Zuoyouke is full of dense folk customs and has fresh and elegant artistic style, making each guest enjoy the leisured atmosphere. In particular, high-quality and considerate dining service is provided honorable guests. All the dishes are prepared for you by the exclusive kitchen of Zuoyouke, and you can also enjoy the tea ceremony performance and private kitchen cuisine order service.

Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin) 西安左右客酒店(高新店) Carte de localisation

Zuo You Ke (Gao Xin)  西安左右客酒店(高新店) Carte de localisation

Près de l'Hôtel Voir plus

  • Tang to the Dynasty City Wall Relics Park 1.0KM (5 min)
  • New Era Park 200.0M (3 min)
  • Shaanxi History Museum 6.0KM (20 min)

Transports Voir plus

  • Xi'an Xian Yang Internation Airport (Aéroport - 33.8KM, 57 min)
  • Xi'an Train Station (Train - 10.7KM, 28 min)
  • Tong Dao Station (Autoroute - 12.4KM, 32 min)


Xi'an, Chine A city rich in history and culture, dating back to the 11th century BCE, once being one of the four important capitals of China, Xi’an still remains to this day as an important center in modern times and will have an impact in the future. With an immense amount of ancient ruins, tombs, monuments, mausoleums, pagodas, temples and a city wall from the 14th century during the Ming Dynasty. To be a witness to natural wonders, Mount Hua is one of the great mountains of China along with Mount Zhongnan, Taibai and Li. Furthermore, there are the Huaqing Hot Springs on the beautiful Mt. Li that has a status as a National Cultural Relic Protection. In these times of technology and the future, Xi’an is an important center in the software, technology and even the gaming industry where the home to the largest internet bar with 3000 computers is located in Xi’an.

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