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Hotel Vila Jelena, Belgrade

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Hotel Vila Jelena, Belgrade. Boutique Hôtel de luxe à Belgrade, Serbia


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Hotel Vila Jelena Sommaire

The boutique hotel Villa Jelena is located in Dedinje, Belgrade, an enchanting area surrounded by parks, forests, delightfully crafted gardens and villas that characterize Serbian and European architecture throughout the epochs. Villa Jelena blends the tradition and prestige of old Belgrade with the famous Serbian style of hospitability and the highest degree of personalized service. This boutique hotel was built in the famous neoclassical architectural style with 20th Century Italian interior design, while it offers the highest technological modern standards. The restaurant of Hotel Villa Jelena offers international, Serbian, Mediterranean or macrobiotic dishes or specially arranged meals catering all dietary needs. The restaurant at Villa Jelena can also be easily transformed to accommodate private parties, birthdays, celebrations and other special events. Villa Jelena features also a fitness center and a beauty salon.

Catégorie: Epoque Superior - en savoir plus

Hotel Vila Jelena Localisation

The boutique hotel Villa Jelena is situated in the residential area of Dedinje, Belgrade, surrounded by parks and forests.

Adresse: Generala Sturma 1a - Belgrade, 11000, Serbia - Hotel Vila Jelena Belgrade Map

Hotel Vila JelenaChambres

Premium Single

Description: Room Name: Bach, Van Gogh. Surface area 30sqm. Queen size bed, Air conditioning, Marble Bathroom with a separate shower, Mini-bar, High-speed Internet connection available – cable or wireless, Television and DVD player, Safe, Dry Clean service available

Occupation: 1 Adultes

Deluxe Double

Description: Room name :Tchaikovsky,Chopin,Picasso,Matisse. Surface area 40sqm. King size bed, Air conditioning, Marble Bathroom , Mini-bar, High-speed Internet connection available – cable or wireless, Television and DVD player, Safe, Dry Clean service available, Walk-in Wardrobe.

Occupation: 2 Adultes

Superior Double

Description: Room name: Da Vinci,Rembrandt,Bethoven,Mozart, Surface area 55sqm, King size bed, Air conditioning, Marble Bathroom , Mini-bar, High-speed Internet connection available – cable or wireless, Television and DVD player, Safe, Dry Clean service available, Walk-in Wardrobe.

Occupation: 2 Adultes

Hotel Vila JelenaInformation additionnelle

Langues parlées par le personnel
Anglais, Français, Espagnol.
Carte de crédit acceptée
Heure d'Arrivée
Heure de Départ
Age enfant(s)
Gratuit pour les enfants de moins de 7 ans
Année de Construction
Total des Chambres
Voltage Électrique
220 Volts

Hotel Vila Jelena Services

  • Climatisation
  • Bagagiste
  • Grande salle
  • Bar: boisons alcoolisées
  • Bar: boisons non alcoolisées
  • Bar: Encas Léger
  • Parking pour vélo et moto
  • Centre d'affaires
  • Petit déjeuner: continental
  • Petit déjeuner: complet
  • Room service pour les petits déjeuners
  • Business Services
  • Café
  • Café/Thé
  • Salle de réunion
  • Nettoyage à Sec
  • Ascenseurs
  • Service de fax
  • Salle de Fitness
  • Réception 24/24 heures
  • Parking
  • Jardin/ Terrasse
  • Amical
  • Service Clientèle
  • Coiffeur
  • Jacuzzi
  • Blanchisserie / Services de Valet
  • Appel locaux
  • Longue distance
  • Lounge
  • Entreposage des bagages
  • Service d'employée de maison quotidien
  • Boite aux lettre
  • Panier Repas
  • Imprimante/ PC disponible
  • Photocopieur
  • Services prés de la Piscine
  • Bagagiste
  • Restaurant
  • Coffre fort
  • Parking sécurisé
  • Sécurité
  • Cireur de chaussures
  • Navette
  • Piscine (extérieur)
  • Salle de TV
  • Service VIP
  • Service de Réveil
  • Service de Mariage
  • Ascenseur accessible aux fauteuils roulants
  • Lieu avec wifi

Sur Demande

  • Babysitting/Service pour les enfants
  • Docteur à l'appel / Service médical
  • Masseuse
  • Billets de théâtre
  • Excursions et visites guidées
  • Bureau de Compagnie Aérienne /Voyage
  • Valet Parking

Hotel Vila JelenaSorties

  • Billard
  • Exercice

A coté de

  • Cyclisme
  • Bowling
  • Exercice cardiovasculaire
  • Casino
  • Activités pour les enfants
  • Danse
  • Plongée
  • Jeu de pari
  • Patinage
  • Musée/Galerie
  • Night Clubs
  • Shopping
  • Visites guidées
  • Football
  • Squash
  • Bain de vapeur
  • Solarium
  • Tennis
  • Théâtre

Hotel Vila JelenaDispositifs de sécurité

  • Sécurité 24h/24
  • Alarmes audibles
  • Détecteurs d'incendie dans les couloirs
  • Détecteurs de fumer dans les zones publics
  • Extincteurs d'incendie dans les couloirs
  • Première aide disponible
  • Panneau de sortie éclairé
  • Parking bien éclairé
  • Passage bien éclairé
  • Code de sécurité d'incendie
  • Plusieurs sorties à chaque étage
  • Parking ou zone de stationnement
  • Patrouille sur les aires de stationnement
  • Étage sécurisée disponible
  • Détecteurs de fumée
  • Arrosage automatique dans les zones publiques
  • Les cages d'escaliers sont ventilées
  • Surveillance vidéo à l'entrée
  • Surveillance vidéo dans les zones publiques

Hotel Vila Jelena Restaurants et équipements de boissons


Description: A culinary delight. In the spirit of traditional Serbian hospitality, our chefs will create true culinary masterpieces for you, our respected guest. We offer International, Serbian, Mediterranean or macrobiotic dishes or a specially prepared dietary meals catering to your needs. Capacity: 40 people The restaurant can easily be transformed to accommodate your private parties, birthdays, celebrations and other special events.

Emplacement: on site

Petit déjeuner: 7-11

Déjeuner: 11-17

Dîner: 17-23

Restaurant Jelena

Description: Restaurant Jelena Our signature A-La-Carte restaurant offers culinary specialities prepared by finest Serbian chefs. Depending on personal likes and dislikes, our guests can choose to sample carefully selected international cuisine dishes or our traditional Serbian menu. For guests who have certain dietary requirements our chefs will accomodate you to prepare any dishes you desire

Emplacement: on site

Petit déjeuner: 7-11

Déjeuner: 11-17

Dîner: 17-23

Hotel Vila Jelena Salles de Réunion

Business center

Description: Conduct your business meetings, lunches and dinners in a relaxing atmosphere. We will accommodate you and your guests in any way you desire. Opening Hours: 07h-23h

Aménagements pour salles de conférence : Équipement Audiovisuel , Banquet, Centre des Affaires, Restauration, Ordinateur Disponible , Imprimante, Photocopieuse, Service de photocopie, Courrier, Location d'équipement, Services Annexes, Fax, Service de fax, Notaire public, Vidéo conférence, Connexion internet WIFI.

Type: Carrée

Capacité : 40 de personne maximum

Hotel Vila Jelena Carte de localisation

Hotel Vila Jelena Carte de localisation

Transports Voir plus

  • Nikola Tesla (Aéroport - 12.0KM, 25 min)
  • Belgrade main train station (Train - 5.0KM, 10 min)
  • E75 (Autoroute - 3.0KM, 5 min)


Belgrade, Serbia The city of Belgrade (Beograd), situated in South-Eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, is the capital of Serbia. Being strategically located at the intersection of Eastern and Western European roads, Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe and since ancient times it has been a principal spot for trade. Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education, science and economy. As a result of its tumultuous history, Belgrade has for centuries been home to numerous nationalities, with Serbs of the Orthodox Christian religion making up the majority of the population (90%). Museums worth mentioning are the Museum of Applied Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Ethnographic Museum. Not to be missed are the art exhibitions in Belgrade's fifty or so galleries, while the most important works of local artists in the field of Fine and Applied Art and Design can be seen at the October Salon. Belgrade has also a reputation for its nightlife. Unlike other parts of Europe, there is no week day in Belgrade when you cannot have a fun night out. This holds true whatever your age, whatever your lifestyle and however much you are prepared to spend! The prelude to a night out in Belgrade is usually a visit to the many cafés located in the Obilićev venac, Strahinjića Bana, Njegoševa, Skadarlija areas. Then you may choose a floating river café-club ('splav') or a club. The 'splavovi' on the banks of the Sava and Danube provide night-long entertainment to go along with every imaginable musical rhythm - from folk music to homegrown pop, rock 'n' roll and techno. The clubs are mostly in the old part of town and vary significantly in terms of their interior decoration, atmosphere, prices and entrance policies.