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Indonesie Indonesia is the sleeping giant of Southeast Asia! This fascinating country is unimaginably vast: it is the largest archipelago in the world with over 18,000 counted islands and 108000 Km of beaches! There are more than 400 volcanoes within its borders, with at least 90 still active in some way. With well over 210 million people, Indonesia is also the fourth most populous country in the world — after China, India and the United States — and by far the largest in Southeast Asia. It is the largest Muslim state as well. This tropical country and its many islands are one of the most stunning destinations on the planet, and in recent years eco-travel to the country has increased enormously. Jakarta, the teeming capital located in the main island of Java, remains the main draw with its colonial-style buildings and monuments reminiscent of its Dutch and British periods. Moreover within the city, points-of-interest include the Central Museum; historic Portuguese Church; Istiqlal Mosque, and the many antique markets, shopping bazaars and ethnic restaurants that cover the streets. Outside of Jakarta, other major destinations include the islands of Sulawesi (Orchid Island) with a stunning scenery; Sumatra, wild and rugged, with its impressive natural wealth, volcanic mountains and hot springs, and of course, Bali. This island of flowers, perfect climate, relaxed atmosphere, temples and friendly people is considered a real gem by travelers worldwide. And for those who have a sweet tooth, don’t leave Indonesia without tasting the popular, mouth-watering Kueh Lapis (multi-layered cake) and cake Ambon (honey-combed cake). A yummy end to your adventure!