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Republique Tcheque

Republique Tcheque If you are a nut on castles, you are very welcome to the Czech lands where the open and charismatic landscape is scattered with over 2000 preserved castles and chateaux (the most per square mile of any country in the world!). Though Prague, its magical capital, might be the first choice for travellers since it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and even in the whole world -a history lesson make it real, someone said!, the other regions of the country should not be missed. The Czech Republic is a real showcase of architectural styles, as reflected in its legacies, including monuments dating as far back as the Romanesque era, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque churches and palaces, ornate Renaissance houses, manors and summer residences, admirable exemplars of Cubist architecture, Synagogues of various styles, Art Nouveau coffee shops, and twisting cobblestone streets. Many illustrious names like Mozart, Goethe, Kafka, Beethoven, Einstein, and Casanova who were influenced by or in some way connected with the Czech Lands.left their permanent mark on the country's history. If you are looking for an active holiday, the Czech Republic is the ideal country as well. Its spa towns can offer you a choice of wellness possibilities for your relaxation or else you can get the chance to improve your physical condition with adrenaline sports like bungee jumping. Still, there is no place better for the music aficionados…a number of festivals take place in the country annually. The Prague Spring, Prague Autumn, and the International Music Festival are just a few of the best known musical events.