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Boutique Hôtels à Sydney, Australia

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Hôtels de charme et de luxe à Sydney

Voter coomme l'un des plus cool boutique hôtels dans le monde, le Kirketon respire la classe, l'excellence et est seulement a quelques pas de Oxford St et de Kings Cross Station. Le Kirketon est un boutique hôtel design de Sydney.

40 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Vie Nocturne - Restaurant - Avant-garde - Destination culturelle - Shopping - Tourisme

Le Larmont Sydney by Lancemore est situé dans le quartier le plus dynamique de la ville. Ce luxueux hôtel bénéficie des plus spectaculaires points de vue faisant du Diamant hôtel l’un des premier sur la liste des hôtels de Sydney. Le Larmont Sydney reste à un prix accessible pour un boutique hôtel.

103 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Vie Nocturne - Restaurant - Avant-garde - Famille - Destination culturelle - Salle de Réunion - Shopping - Tourisme - Gym

Located in the heart of Sydney's central business district, Pensione Hotel is the ideal place to stay if you wish to discover this dynamic city. The deluxe guestrooms offer flexible options to cater for all of your accommodation needs.

68 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Avant-garde - Destination culturelle - Shopping - Tourisme

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia Sydney, the most populous city of Australia, is situated on the country's South East coast. The metropolitan area is bordered by national parks, encloses bays, rivers and inlets. Sydney is known to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world with the finest boutique hotels. Outdoor and indoor music performances, art exhibitions, film festivals… This lively city caters to many different distractions enjoyed by travellers. Sydney has become a trendy place for enjoying all kinds of different foods. From seafood to wine tasting travellers can enjoy a variety of restaurants in the gastronomic region of New South Wales. Sydney boasts a large selection of top boutique hotels, among which the Kirketon , Cosmopolitan and many others. Sydney is also a location for the adventurers, natural treasures, enchanting island locations, turtles, penguins, seals and whales all at the Solitary Islands Marine Park and Montague Island off the coast near Narooma.