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Hôtels de charme et de luxe à Chiang Mai

Le style et le caractère de Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel fait echo à son quartier historique. Pour la détente et de remise en forme, l'hôtel bénéficie d'une salle de gym, un espace de remise en forme avec massage thaï et de l'aromathérapie, une piscine et un jacuzzi. Toutes les chambres ont un accès gratuit à internet haute vitesse sans fil. Boutique hôtel de luxe à Chiang Mai.

30 Chambres - Exotique - Restaurant - Mariages - Lune de miel - Classique - Petit - Salle de Réunion - Piscine - Wifi

Chiang Mai, Thaïlande

Chiang Mai, Thaïlande Capital of the Chiang Mai Province, the city of Chiang Mai is the most important and most culturally noteworthy in Northern Thailand. Before becoming a significantly modern and increasingly visited city, Chiang Mai, situated on an ancient trade route, was notorious for its handcrafted goods, umbrella manufacturing, silver jewellery and woodcarving. The city, which stands on the Ping River, is subdivided into 4 areas called Nakhon Ping, Srivijaya, Mengrai, and Kavila. Chiang Mai is a very celebrated city: festivities, shows performances and visits are held all year round. There are museums, yearly and seasonal festivals such as the Yi Peng, Songkran and the Flower Festival. There are also many activities one could part take: trekking, Elephant Nature Park visit and elephant rides, mountain biking, golfing, shopping, Thai massages and Thai cookery. Transportation is very efficient in Chiang Mai, bus, train and air connections serve Chiang Mai regularly and frequently.