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Hôtels de charme et de luxe à Wuxi

Situé juste à côté du Canal Jinghang et du très reposant parc Xihui, l’hôtel Kapok est un boutique hôtel de Wuxi, dans la banlieue de Shanghai. Toutes les chambres sont équipées de façon moderne, avec un accès Internet, la télévision satellite et de larges fenêtres.

169 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Ville secondaire - Restaurant - Mariages - Grand - Salle de Réunion - Gym
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Wuxi, Chine

Wuxi, Chine Wuxi lies south of the Jiangsu Province, on the banks of the Jinghang Grand Canal, about 128 kilometers west of Shanghai. One of the oldest cities in China, Wuxi's history is more than 3,000 years old. It enjoys convenient proximity to Tai Hu lake, which encloses more than 90 islands and 30 different varieties of fish. Wuxi is a tourist site featuring both natural and man-made places of interest. Wuxi is renowned for its several private gardens or parks built by learned scholars and wealthy people in the past. Among them, Li Yuan, Mei Yuan are excellent examples that have been well preserved nowadays. Xihui Park, located at the foot of Xi Shan also houses historical relics. Famous spots include Yuantou Zhu (the Islet of Turtlehead), Taihu Xiandao (Islands of the Deities). One of the handicraft highlights of Wuxi is the making of Huishan clay figurines.