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Yangzhou Centre and Residence is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests in the peaceful and historically significant area in Yangzhou City of the Jiangsu Province. This hotel is located in the well-kept "double east" block in the downtown area from where sightseeing is especially convenient with a multitude of attractions close by, including The Grand Canal, Slender West Lake, Ge-Garden, Wudang Palace, Zhunti Temple, and much more.

Dirección: JieNanShuWu, No.309 Dongguan Avenue, Guangling District, 225001 Yangzhou, China

Yangzhou Center and Residence 扬州长乐客栈主题文化酒店 Puntos de interés

  • Geyuan Garden 550.0M

    Geyuan Garden (Chinese: 个园; pinyin: Gè Yuán) is located in Yangzhou, a city renowned for traditional private gardens, in Jiangsu Province, southeast China. The Geyuan Garden is open to the public, throughout the four seasons. Spring is demonstrated with a picture of bamboo and rock. Summer is represented by the steel-grey Taihu stone, a popular tourist attraction. Autumn is depicted by Huangshan stone, and winter by Xuan stone.

  • Slender West Lake 4.7KM

    A long bank planted with weeping willows spans the lake; at its midpoint stands a square terrace with pavilions at each of the corners and one in the center.Around the lake is a park in which are found several attractions: Lotus Flower Pagoda (Lianhua SO, a white structure reminiscent of the White Pagoda (Baita) in Beijing's Beihai Park; Small Gold Mountain (Xiao Jin Shan); and the Fishing Platform (Diaoyutai), a favorite retreat of the Qing emperor Qianlong. The emperor was so gratified by his luck in fishing at this spot that he ordered additional stipends for the town. As it turns out, his success had been augmented by local swimmers who lurked in the lake busily attaching fish to his hook.

  • He Park 3.6KM (6 min)

Yangzhou Center and Residence 扬州长乐客栈主题文化酒店 Transportes

  • Yangzhou Taizhou Airport 40.0KM (50 min)
  • Yangzhou Train Station 10.0KM (20 min)

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Yangzhou, China Yangzhou is a city in Jiangsu province with a history of over 2,500 years and developed as a major trading center for salt, rice and silk. Marco Polo served as the city's governor (or possibly a Salt Official for the government, or he just stayed there for that period of time) for three years in the late 13th century. Built on flat land a few miles north of the Yangtze River, Yangzhou is criss-crossed by a network of canals of all size, from the Grand Canal of China to small neighborhood canals.