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You will always get the best available rate at Epoque Hotels when you book on our site. In fact, our online rates are the same as the rates available by phone (+1 305 538 9697) . If you find a lower rate up to 24 hours after the email confirming the reservation, simply submit a Best Rate Guarantee Claim to us and we will honor that lower rate.
* The program only applies to participating hotels. Please check the participating members below.

Terms and Conditions

Epoque Hotels guarantees that (and its affiliates) will offer the best room rate for any of their member hotels under the “Best Rate Guaranteed” Program. For a claim to be valid under this Best Rate Guarantee, it must satisfy all of the terms and conditions herein (the “Best Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions”) and be submitted in compliance with the procedures set forth to regulate the claim process.

The Claimant must have a valid, confirmed booking made via (or any of its affiliates or partners [e.g. EHBOX]). In order to prove it, the claimant will be requested to provide a copy of the confirmation email of the reservation.

The Claimant has up to 24 hours after the email confirming the reservation has been received by her to proceed with the claim, abiding at all times with the Terms and Conditions of the Program (Best Rate Guarantee). Epoque Hotels will investigate the claim, and in the case that proven to be correct, Epoque Hotels will honour the rate. After 24 hours of receiving the email confirming the reservation, the client is not entitled to any change in their rate. It is the entire responsibility of the client to make sure that they have received the confirmation email with the rate to be disputed. In the case that no confirmation email has been received by the client, Epoque Hotels keeps the right to act on the claim or not.

The Claimant must present Epoque Hotels with proof of a lower rate via email, fax, or some other valid visual means, within the stated 24 hours.

Additional Charges

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to taxes, gratuities, or any additional resort or guest charges or fees that may apply at member hotels of Epoque Hotels.

Applicable Room Types

The Best Rate Guarantee applies to a competing room type that is substantially equal to a room type that has been booked in or Competing room types have features that include, but are not limited to, similar views, amenities, bedding, and room size. Epoque Hotels has the sole discretion to determine what are the necessary conditions to consider two rooms as competing. In the case it is found that the difference between the two room types is not substantial and the two rooms are considered competing, Epoque Hotels will honour the rate.

Different Currencies

In the event that the Competing Rate is in a different currency from the (or any of its affiliates) rate, our customer representatives will convert the Competing Rate into the same currency as the rate offered on (or any of its affiliates). The currency exchange rate to be applied will be based on the exchange rate that would have been used by the applicable Epoque Hotels’ member hotel at the time of making the original reservation. After converting the Competing Rate, Epoque Hotels reserves the right to deny a claim where the Competing Rate appears lower than the Epoque Hotels rate if it deems that the difference between the rates is due to, but not limited to, different currency exchange rates used by the two rate providers.

Multiple Night Stay

In the event of a multiple night stay, the Best Rate Guarantee will compare the total room cost of the stay as booked at the Epoque Hotels rate with the total room cost of the stay booked at a Competing Rate and only one Best Rate Guarantee Reward will apply.

Multiple claims for a stay consisting of two or more consecutive nights at the same hotel will be treated as one claim for one stay and the Best Rate Guarantee will be applied to that one stay.

Opaque Providers

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to any rates from opaque providers. An opaque provider is any entity or service that prevents the buyer from obtaining any of the following information relating to available hotel rooms until after the buyer has guaranteed payment: (a) the name of the property on which the available hotel room is located, (b) the precise location of the property on which the available hotel room is located, (c) the identity, brand or flag affiliation of the hotel that will provide such available room, and (d) other specific information that may divulge the property's identity (e.g., exact property restaurant name).

Rate Limitations

The Best Rate Guarantee applies to a Competing Rate with rate limitations that are substantially similar to the rate limitations of the rate that can be booked on (and its affiliates). Rate limitations include, but are not limited to, Advance Purchase requirements, prepayment and deposit requirements, and cancellation and change policies. If there is no Epoque Hotels Rate available that has substantially similar rate limitations to that of the Competing Rate, and the Competing Rate is lower than any available (or any of its affiliates) Rate, Epoque Hotels, in its sole discretion, may honour the Competing Rate with the applicable Epoque Hotels Rate Limitations, room type, and amenities, provided it meets all other Best Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions. Epoque Hotels reserves the right to deny a claim where the Competing Rate is equal to the Epoque Hotels Rate, and the rate limitations are substantially the same or the Competing Rate has more restrictive rate limitations than the Epoque Hotels Rate.

The rate also does not apply to group rates, corporate rates, meeting planner rates, special offers or any other “special” rate. It may not be combined with any offer.

Packaged Rates and Promotions

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to packaged rates. Packaged rates include: (a) Hotel accommodations sold as part of a travel package, including, but not limited to accommodations plus airfare and/or car rental and/or cruise, and (b) hotel accommodations sold with value added amenities, including, but not limited to, breakfast and hotel parking. This promotion does not apply to packages nor special deals advertised as such in other websites.

Participating members

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  • 725 Continental Hotel
  • 9HOTEL
  • Aguas De Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa
  • Argos Hotel
  • As Janelas Verdes Hotel
  • Baie Des Anges Apart Hotel & Spa
  • Balmule House
  • Bergs Hotel
  • Bingham
  • Bleibtreu Hotel
  • Bohem Art Hotel
  • Bonvecchiati Hotel
  • Britania Hotel
  • Ca Nigra Lagoon Resort Hotel
  • Caol Ishka Hotel
  • Cappadocia Cave Resort
  • Casa Colonial Beach and Spa Hotel
  • Casa del Capitel Nazari Hotel
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  • Grace Beijing 北京格瑞斯酒店
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  • Grand Hotel Principe Di Piemonte
  • Hacienda Majoro Boutique & Resort
  • Hart's Hotel
  • Heritage Avenida Liberdade Hotel
  • Hospes Amerigo Hotel
  • Hospes Casas del Rey de Baeza Hotel
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  • Hotel Amira
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  • Hotel de Mendoza
  • Hotel Denit
  • Hotel El Convento
  • Hotel Guadalpin Banus
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  • Hotel Kapok Shenzhen Bay 深圳湾木棉花酒店
  • Hotel Kapok Shenzhen MIXC 深圳万象城木棉花酒店
  • Hotel Kapok Wuxi 无锡木棉花酒店
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  • Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli Gran Canal
  • Hotel Panorama by Rhombus 香港隆堡国际丽景酒店
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  • Hotel Pulitzer
  • Hotel Pulitzer Buenos Aires
  • Hotel Pulitzer Paris
  • Hotel Pulitzer Roma
  • Hotel Santa Teresa
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