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Spain If you are planning a trip to Spain, don’t wonder what you shouldn’t miss and what you can skip since you cannot expect reasonable answers. Seven centuries of Arabic dominance have made Spain a whole of coloured pieces just like its precious Moorish mosaics you can admire in the intriguing Andalusia, its southern, passionate region with flamenco-dancing gypsies, bloody bullfights, blazing sun, and hermosas señoritas. Hot, sunny, flat, and surrounded by shining beaches in the south area, you can just as easily see a Spain that is quite the opposite in the north, with rich green mountains, winding rivers, and misty skies of Basque Country. The good news is that no matter where you are in the country, a radically different region is usually just a short flight away. Much of Central Spain, especially Toledo, is a tourist magnet, but Madrid, the capital is the real heart of the Spanish cultural world, full of the finest art museums in Europe, with the world-famous Prado leading the way. It is also a lively, and the most frenetically paced nightlife scene of the Spanish movida. Spain is also a gastronomic temple where the abundant pleasure that you can take in eating and drinking is one of the greatest attractions of a visit to this country. Whatever you enjoy… bullfights or tapas bars, fiestas or siestas, vivacious cities or laid-back seacoasts…either way, you're in for a treat!