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Serbia Serbia is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, on the most important route linking Europe and Asia; for this reason the country is often referred to as the cross-roads of Europe. The international roads and railways passing down its river valleys are the shortest link between Western and Central Europe, on the one side, and the Middle East, Asia and Africa, on the other. Serbia’s diverse territory make it an ideal destination for all kind of travelers. The country boasts five different national parks with breathtaking sceneries: ancient monasteries hidden in the forests, cliffs rising into the sky and the beauty of the Djerdap gorge – the Iron Gate - a true natural and historic phenomenon. For those who prefer an open-air holiday, Serbia is a treat for the senses, the body and the soul. From skiing on some Europe’s best skiing track, to fishing in crystal clear river waters or wine tasting, here you’ll find what best suites you. Since Roman times, travelers discovered the rejuvenating effects of the region many forests and mineral spa waters. In the Serbian lively cities and traditional villages history meets culture, from the bustle of Belgrade to the artist communities of Novi Sad and the warm hospitality of the small charming farmlands areas. The history and culture of the Serbian territory goes back to the ancient times: here you’ll be able to experience time travelling, exploring the secrets of the Vinca civilization who left their stone writings along the Danube basin about 2000 years before the pyramids of Egypt, discover modern science with a hair rising experience at the Nikola Tesla museum in Belgrade or join in one of the many music and cultural festivals.