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France Et voila the so called Stendhal Syndrome, visiting Paris and falling in love with this world's most breathtaking, dreamy, romantic and thrilling city, finding yourself overwhelmed by its intensely rich legacy of art and history: the Tour Eiffel, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, the Musee d'Orsay, Montmartre, the Louis XIV's Chateau de Versailles in the Ile de France -the suburbs and countryside surrounding Paris- and more. And then explore The Loire Valley, an hour's train ride from Paris, where France's royalty lived for hundreds of years, and their castles, many of them Renaissance masterpieces. Don't miss to visit Normandy and Brittany, two regions on the west coast: they offer a wealth of historical sites, as well as captivating coastal views... and Provence, rich with Roman ruins and memories of Van Gogh. But France's most popular region is the Riviera: from the Monte Carlo Casino to the beaches of St-Tropez, this slice of France is a slice of heaven. Here, marvellous sunny days, the most fashionable beaches, the wonderful food (classic French cuisine, or haute cuisine, is considered one of the most praised cuisines in the world) and wine (champagne and camembert), the glamorous nightlife and more, are the main ingredients of la joie de vivre mixed with the classic French hauteur. Who could ask for more?