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United Kingdom

United Kingdom The world’s bounty of beer is at the focal point of the United Kingdom’s greater island, England. Pubs are available in every town corner, and each swank that their brew is the best there is. The country too, offers a teeming supply of energetic hot spots and cities. Despite the infamous song, the London Bridge is in fact not falling down, but a magnificent gateway into an equally magnificent city. Buckingham palace provides the perfect backdrop to many photos with family, friends, and a Grenadier Guard. Marks of England’s history lie in its’ countrysides and cityscapes with castles, monasteries, quaint cottage towns, monuments, and cathedrals of York, Salisbury, Winchester, and Wilshire. Rural wonders are also very prevalent in the southern country of Wales. Welsh fortresses such as Beaumaris, Caernarfon and Harlech signify ancient royal lodgings. This is the country where rugby tops the list as best sport, with football as a steady running mate. In the northern corner lies Scotland, where there are also a vast number of ancient ruins, alongside hills, mountains, and lakes. Remote areas such as the Highlands, where Gaelic speakers live, provide an ideal peaceful getaway. History and tradition is everywhere in the capital city, Edinburgh, and Glasglow, an up-and-coming metropolis. Bagpipes and acclaimed art festivals are also Scottish trademarks that cannot be missed out.