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Uruguay, South America

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Uruguay Uruguay, known as the Switzerland of South America, despite its relatively small size it has plenty to offer to its visitors: beautiful beach resorts, historic cities and a great deal of meadows! Along with neighboring Argentina and Brazil, Uruguayans continuously celebrate their identity without neglecting their European and African roots - most of the population is descent from immigrants. Beautiful green meadows are full of relaxing “estancias”, and the most exciting beach resorts in South America. Punta del Este, stands out from the rest; it’s usually compared to Saint Tropez because of the lively and colorful nightlife, chic setting, high-profile visitors, and beautiful beaches - where surf championships are organized. For nature lovers, or people looking for a more bohemian, affordable, experience, La Paloma, Piriapolis and even La Pedrera are three perfect beach resorts that serve as outlets for those seeking a relaxing setting. The first officially inhabited city in the country by Europeans, Colonia del Sacramento, is the place for those looking for the history of the country. Structures from the Portuguese era -first settlers- and Spanish "colonos" peacefully blend in a harmonious setting, a true antithesis of the troubled past settlers. Montevideo, the capital, is a city full of contrasts: architecturally rich with buildings of many eras, and culturally and artistically diverse. This metropolis possesses a nostalgic style dominated by the liberating "Rambla", a promenade overlooking the Rio de la Plata and the meeting point for many Montevideans. Uruguay is without doubt, the place for those looking for a little bit of everything.