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Luxury & Boutique Hotels in Dunfermline

In the Fife countryside near Dunfermline in Scotland is a beautiful place known as the Balmule House. With 8 beautiful, luxurious rooms, guests can expect the best treatment available. Modern amenities including wi-fi, heated floors, air-conditioning, a business room and much more make guests feel sure they have everything they need. 30 acres of wooded ground and formal gardens provide a perfect opportunity to relax and embrace nature.

8 Rooms - Secondary city - Countryside - Weddings - Tranquillity - Classic - Sightseeing

Dunfermline, United Kingdom

Dunfermline, United Kingdom Dunfermline is a town in the Fife countryside in Scotland. Dunfermline has retained numerous elements from the past. Dunfermline dates back to the Neolithic period, gaining recognition during the Bronze Age and officially being recorded in the 11th century. One can still feel that they are in a modern town as Dunfermline is a major service center with retail, leisure and learning facilities. Relics from the past include the Dunfermline Palace and Abbey, the Dunfermline City Chambers, the Abbot House and the Pitfirrane Castle.