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Luxury & Boutique Hotels in Nazca

The Hotel Majoro is one of Peru’s hidden secrets. Located in the ancient city of Nazca and nearby magnificent natural sites, the Hotel Majoro along with delicate and uniquely designed rooms makes it a perfect opportunity for an unforgettable stay. On site there is a dining room serving a great variety of food and also exquisite cocktails. The Hotel Majoro is surrounded by 30 hectares of nature, it is a magical getaway with possibilities to relax and enjoy.

88 Rooms - Secondary city - Countryside - Restaurant - Weddings - Honeymoon - Classic - Family - Swimming Pool

Nazca, Peru

Nazca, Peru Nazca, Peru is one of the most mysterious, yet fascinating cities of the world. An ancient city that dates back to 300 BC, is renowned for its natural reserves, preserved archeological sites of the ancient Nazca culture, and beautiful colonial wonders. The UNESCO World Heritage Nazca lines are huge geoglyphs that resemble animals, that even to this day the mystery behind its origin and purpose remain debatable. Another wonderful contribution by the ancient Nazca are the ceremonial city of Cahuachi and an elaborate system of underground aqueducts known as the Puquios that even to this day are still being used. Nazca is one of the world’s must see before you die places.