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Luxury & Boutique Hotels in Salvador Bahia

Salvador Bahia, Brazil

Salvador Bahia, Brazil Salvador de Bahia is the beating heart of Brazil, a city we can define beleza pura (pure beauty). It sits on a huge bay, a Baia de Todos os Santos (the Bay of All Saints), and it is divided into Cidade alta (upper city), the historic section which looks down from its rocky crag on the Cidade baixa (lower city) the business district, with a marina, offices and the interesting Mercado Modelo. Both sections are connected on the bay side by the famous Lacerda Elevator. This is a city for the senses. A day strolling through the streets of Salvador is a feast for the eyes and it makes for many extraordinary memories its hard to say which is the best. The colourful Praça da Sé with its yellow buildings? The pastel colours of the 18th century buildings and cobbled streets of the Largo do Pelourinho? Its stunning religious monuments such as the Catedral Basilica, a torrent of rococo gold leaf, or Nossa Senhora dos Pretos, all in wood and different shades of blue? What to say about its sapphire waters and magnificent beaches, the most famous of these are Barra, Ondina, and Pituba. Real tropical idylls almost designed for spectacular sunsets with the sun going down slowly and the see turning orange with the fading light. Besides, the samba dancers, the sound of bossa nova together with the drum and percussion beats of Brazilian rhythm will get into your blood and make you feel alive. There is no shortage of memorable moments in Salvador de Bahia and the Baianos with their warmth, culture, history -not to mention food- will completely capture your heart!