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地址: 94-95 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong - China

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  • Macau Ferry Terminal / ShunTak Centre 800.0M (9 min)

    Shun Tak Centre is a commercial and transport complex on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. It comprises a 4-storey podium containing a shopping centre and car park, two 38-storey office towers, and the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal. Shun Tak Centre is a minor transport hub, with direct access to the Sheung Wan Station of the MTR, a bus terminal adjacent to the east, a large taxi stand, and the piers for ferry services to Macau and China. It is also convenient to the southern portal of the Western Harbour Crossing.

  • Western Market 600.0M (8 min)

    The building is in Edwardian style that was popular in England from 1901 to 1918. It was originally the old Western Market (North Block), which was identified by Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) as one of the Declared Monuments in 1990. At present, it is the oldest market building surviving in Hong Kong The market is a combination of exuberantly classical facades and planning in a logical and spacious manner as inspired by the axial, symmetrical planning. Combination use of red bricks and granite band on a granite base and the 'bandaged' brick work to the corner towers gives a polychromatic effect. The arcade at First Floor to the Morrison Street facade is richly sculpted with keystone and regular blocks interrupting the arch as well as large and handsome granite arch over the main entrance giving the building a decorative effect. Triangulated gable front below is an elegant venation window with the central round headed arch openings. Cast iron structural columns, steel roof truss and the large local quarried granite steps to the corner staircase towers demonstrate the excellence of constructional technique at the time. In response to the local climate and availability of material, a steep roof is used covered with Chinese pan and roll tiles. The roof displays the combination of oriental features into the early Western style of building in Hong Kong

  • Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park 200.0M (3 min)

    Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park is a waterfront park in the Sai Ying Pun area on Hong Kong Island and faces the Victoria Harbour. It is the only park in Hong Kong to be named for a Chinese historic figure Sun Yat-sen was a Chinese doctor, revolutionary and political leader. As the foremost pioneer of Nationalist China, Sun is frequently referred to as the Founding Father of Republican China, a view agreed upon by both Mainland China and Taiwan. Sun played an instrumental role in inspiring the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty, the last imperial dynasty of China. Sun was the first provisional president when the Republic of China (ROC) was founded in 1912 and later co-founded the Chinese National People's Party or Kuomintang (KMT) where he served as its first leader. Sun was a uniting figure in post-Imperial China, and remains unique among 20th-century Chinese politicians for being widely revered amongst the people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The park, with an area of over 10,000 square metres, provides a variety of leisure and recreational facilities to residents including a hard-surfaced multi-playing pitch, five pavilions with seats, and a landscape garden. The specially designed landscape garden, with trees and shrubs, is a welcome greening area in the busy urban district.

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香港, 中国 香港(英语:Hong Kong,缩写:HK),位于中国南海沿岸,地处珠江口以东,北接广东深圳,南望万山群岛,西迎澳门和广东珠海,由香港岛、九龙和新界所组成,共有263个岛屿。自公元前214年被秦朝纳入历史上的中原版图,及后从1842年起受英国殖民管治近155年,直至1997年香港主权移交中华人民共和国,成为其特别行政区。 香港开埠前本来是一个只有数千人口的小渔村,因为英国看准香港地理上的“水深港阔,四季不结冰”,且“不在地震带”的天然良港,于1842年,大清在鸦片战争中战败后,分阶段割让或租借香港土地予英国,香港成为了殖民地。第二次世界大战期间,日本在香港保卫战攻占英属香港,香港经历了三年零八个月的日治时期。1945年,日本无条件投降后,英国恢复对香港行使主权。香港基于殖民地的身份及地理环境下,避免受到中国大陆的长期乱局所影响;太平天国、国共内战、中共上台、三面红旗及文化大革命期间,大量大陆难民涌入香港。基于人口急速增长,带来人才、资金和技术,香港经济于战后迅速发展,遂由渔村逐步发展成为在亚太地区具有重要地位、以工商业为主的现代化国际大都会,被誉为“亚洲四小龙”、“纽伦港”之一。 香港是一座世界级城市,全球重要的国际金融、服务业及航运中心,并且以廉洁社会、优良治安、经济自由及法律制度完备而闻名于世。香港在全球金融中心指数排名中一直名列前茅,为仅次于纽约及伦敦的全球第三大金融中心,连续第18年获得全球最自由经济体系的评级,经济自由度指数排名第一。香港同时为全球其中一处最安全、富裕、繁荣、生活水平高及人均寿命最长的国际大都会,有“东方曼哈顿”、“东方之珠”、“美食天堂”、“购物天堂”及“动感之都”等美誉,亦因拥有壮丽而近在咫尺的郊野公园,于2012年被《经济学人》选为“全球最宜居城市”;“亚洲国际都会”则为官方的香港品牌。

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