Miro Hotel, 毕尔巴鄂

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Miro Hotel 酒店位置


地址: Alameda Mazarredo 77 - Bilbao, 49009, Spain

Miro Hotel 地标

  • Guggenheim Museum 150.0M

    World renowned Guggenheim Museum by architect Frank Gehry is located 150 meters from the hotel.

  • Fine Arts Museum 200.0M

    The second most important art collection in Spain. Worth a visit.

  • Palacio de Euskalduna Congress Center 500.0M

    Euskalduna Congress Center and Music Auditorium is conveniently located 500 meters from the hotel.

Miro Hotel 交通工具

  • Bilbao Airport 14.0KM (12 min)

    方向: By Car: Follow signs to Artxanda Tunnels, and past the toll follow directions toward Deusto, on the right la

  • Train Station Bilbao 1.0KM
  • Plaza Moyua 800.0M

    方向: By Car: Follow directions toward Guggenheim Museum. When on Mazarredo Street, continue until number 77.

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毕尔巴鄂, 西班牙 Bilbao, the most important city in the Basque Country, in the North of Spain. Since the opening in 1997, when the "Gu" began drawing the crowds with the force of an alien spaceship, Bilbao has risen from its knees and prospered. Now, with restored self-esteem, what they'll tell you in Bilbao is that there's much more to the city than a single, world-class, glittering showpiece. Bilbao has kept up the architectural momentum since Gehry left. Santiago Calatrava's new airport, a graceful bird poised for flight in the green landscape, is all daring organic shapes, as clean and white as bone. Calatrava has also spanned the river close to the Guggenheim with his Zubizuri footbridge, strung like a great harp over the water.