Murano Resort Marrakech, 马拉喀什

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地址: Douar Abiad, La Palmeraie - Marrakech, 40000, Morocco

Murano Resort Marrakech 交通工具

  • marrakech -menara 7.0KM (20 min)

    方向: By Car: From the airport, directions North-East to La Palmeraie By Bus: n/a By Taxi: local taxi Hours: 24 hours Cost: 300 dirham By Shuttle: murano shuttle Hours: 24 hours Phone: +212 24 32 8666 Cost: free of charge for hotel guests

  • n/a

    方向: By Car: n/a

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马拉喀什, 摩洛哥 Marrakech’s air has a unique taste that is spicy, pungent, and minty. Enter Jamaa el-Fna square, a main market place and local attraction, and you’ve got an exciting experience already. Snake hisses, airy bazaars, heavy drum beats, and the dialects of the main languages Arabic and Tamazight, and even Castilian Spanish and French, are common sounds all over the growing city. When you settle down for a cup of mint tea, you will appreciate that the hustle and bustle of “Rose City” is the same today as it was hundreds of years ago. Salmon painted modern buildings continue to reflect the red-clay, on which the country is founded upon, while mirroring the awe-inspiring, ancient architectural precision.