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UNA Hotel Napoli 酒店位置

UNA Hotel Napoli酒店是6层的历史建筑,位于市中心火车站对面,酒店精确的恢复它19世纪的壮丽。

地址: Piazza Garibaldi, 9/10 - Naples, 80142, Italy

UNA Hotel Napoli 地标

  • Napoli Central Train Station 400.0M

UNA Hotel Napoli 交通工具

  • Capodichino 5.0KM (15 min)

    方向: By Bus: 3S Hours: every 15 minutes Cost: 1 euro By Local Shuttle: Alibus Hours: every 30 minutes Cost: 3 euro

  • Central Station 200.0M (5 min)
  • Central Station 200.0M (5 min)

    方向: By Car: The metro is at the opposite side of the square where is located the Hotel.

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那不勒斯, 意大利 The ancient Neapolis (Greek Néa Pólis 'New City') was originally a Greek colony, later conquered by the Romans in the 4th cent B.C. (an example of the Roman domination are the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum (destroyed in the A.D. 79 eruption of Vesuvius). Naples is the largest city in southern Italy and it is marvelously located on the slopes and at the base and of the hills bordering the Bay of Naples, an arm of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The bay, dominated by Mt. Vesuvius (volcano), extends from Cape Misena in the north to the Sorrento peninsula in the south and is dotted with towns and villas. Near its entrance are the fabulous islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida. Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it is rich in historical, artistic and cultural traditions and gastronomy. It is the birthplace of the Pizza Margherita –so named when it was served to Queen Margherita during a visit to the city- made with mozzarella, tomato and basil representing, respectively, the red, white, and green of the Italian flag. Besides the food (which forms the basis for much Italian-American cuisine), the city is famous also for its colourful street life, its gaiety, its songs, particularly in the bel canto style and its festivals. It is also a very important commercial and industrial centre and a major seaport with shipyards and diversified industries. Among the city's attractions are medieval castles, churches, and a university. In 1995 the Historic Centre of Naples was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Don’t miss to visit also the so-called “Subterranean Naples” many kilometers of tunnels under the city that were originally the old Greco-Roman reservoirs dug out from the soft tufo stone on which, and from which, the city is built.