Zuo You Ke (Yuan Jia Cun) 西安左右客酒店(袁家村关中印象店), 西安

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Zuo You Ke (Yuan Jia Cun) 西安左右客酒店(袁家村关中印象店) 酒店位置

Zuo You Ke Hotel (Yuanjia Village) is located in Folk Customs Street of “Guanzhong Impression” experience zone. On the centre line of the folk custom street. Old street, bar, tea shop, theatre and Folk workshop are within walking distance to the Hotel.

地址: Yuanjia Village,Yanxia Town,Liquan County,Xianyang,China - Xi'an, 713206

Zuo You Ke (Yuan Jia Cun) 西安左右客酒店(袁家村关中印象店) 地标

  • 西安昭陵 15.0KM

    Zhaoling is the mausoleum of Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty (618-907); he was one of the most brilliant rulers in Chinese history. Located in Jiuzong Mountain, 83 kilometers (51.5miles) from downtown Xian, Shaanxi, Zhaoling is the largest among the 18 mausoleums of the Tang Dynasty. It is also the largest royal mausoleum in the world. Covering an area of 87.5 square miles, Zhaoling has 190 satellite tombs that have been verified with 37 which have been excavated. The owners of the satellite tombs include famous ministers, royal families and high officials. All five forms of satellite burials in history have been represented here thereby justifying Zhaoling as the most typical imperial mausoleum in China. The configuration of Emperor Taizong's tomb as it overlooks the satellite ones symbolizes the utmost authority of the emperor.

  • 西安昭陵博物馆 1.0KM

Zuo You Ke (Yuan Jia Cun) 西安左右客酒店(袁家村关中印象店) 交通工具

  • Xianyang Airport 51.0KM
  • Xi 'an Railway Station 37.0KM (30 min)

Zuo You Ke (Yuan Jia Cun) 西安左右客酒店(袁家村关中印象店) 特价优惠


西安, 中国 西安,古称长安、京兆,举世闻名的世界四大古都之一,是中华文明的发祥地,中华文化的杰出代表。是丝绸之路的起点,是中国历史上建都时间最长,建都朝代最多,影响力最大的都城,居“中国古都”之首。历史上最为强盛的周、秦、汉、隋、唐等十三个朝代均建都于此。西安也是联合国教科文组织最早确定的“世界历史名城”和国务院最早公布的国家历史文化名城之一,世界著名旅游胜地,被誉为“天然历史博物馆”。 今天的西安是陕西省省会,中国六大国家区域中心城市之一,亚洲知识技术创新中心,新欧亚大陆桥中国段和黄河流域最大的中心城市,中国大飞机的制造基地。科技实力仅次于北京、上海,居全国第三位。2011年国务院《全国主体功能区规划》将西安确定为“全国历史文化基地”,着力打造西安为国际化大都市。

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