Odda Hotel, 伊斯坦堡

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Odda Hotel 酒店概况

The Odda Hotel is one of Istanbul’s premier boutique hotels. Located in the booming quarter of Beyoğlu, the Odda Hotel has everything inside and outside that makes for a perfect stay. All the amenities in these spectacular 28 rooms make all dreams come true. The Odda Hotel also is proud to offer a very healthy, delicious, organic breakfast to its guests in order to have a full day’s energy supply for the sightseeing activities that wait ahead. This is made easier also due to the fact that the Odda Hotel is nearby many touristic destinations such as Istiklal Street only 50 m away, around 500 m to Taksim Square and many more locations that are also only a small walk away.




伊斯坦堡, 土耳其 伊斯坦堡無疑是世界上最羅曼蒂克的城市之一?古老的大地上滿是古代偉大帝國的痕跡?今日的伊斯坦堡是土耳其的文化中心?來到此地您將踩在十字軍戰士們走過的同一片土地。拜占庭、康士坦丁堡、奧圖曼帝國所遺留下來的建築將帶給您無比震撼!

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