Spannort Hotel & Restaurant 是一个奢华精品酒店在 恩格尔贝格, 瑞士

Spannort Hotel & Restaurant, 恩格尔贝格

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Spannort Hotel & Restaurant, 恩格尔贝格. 豪华精品酒店在恩格尔贝格, 瑞士


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Spannort Hotel & Restaurant 酒店概况

This marvelous, traditionally designed hotel, located in the Swiss Alps in the middle of Engelberg, is a perfect getaway to enjoy an unforgettable experience. The Spannort Hotel and Restaurant makes sure to demonstrate its guest a real traditional Swiss setting with its incredible hospitality and best of all its delicious Swiss cuisine. With 4 different types of rooms, the possibilities are endless at the Spannort Hotel. Whether it is to indulge in a delicate single room, or to go over the top in the Spannort Suite, one thing is for sure, the Spannort Hotel offers a different sensation and a positive experience for everyone staying at the Spannort Hotel.

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Spannort Hotel & Restaurant 酒店位置

The city of Engelberg is located in central Switzerland and is the leading mountain resort in the country. It is close several major cities like Zurich and Bern with many direct train connections even leading outside of Switzerland

地址: Dorfstrasse 28 - Engelberg, 6390, Switzerland - Spannort Hotel & Restaurant 恩格尔贝格 Map

Spannort Hotel & Restaurant 服务与设施

  • 自行车/摩托车停车
  • 早餐:欧式
  • 咖啡/茶
  • 会议室
  • 电梯
  • 包容同性恋者
  • 洗衣房/代客服务
  • 行李寄存处
  • 照片复制服务
  • 餐厅
  • 保管箱
  • 桑拿
  • 叫醒服务


  • 半食宿
  • 当地接送
  • 可接受宠物
  • 接送

Spannort Hotel & Restaurant娱乐


  • 高尔夫
  • 山地自行车
  • 博物馆/美术馆
  • 购物
  • 旅游景点
  • 网球


  • 美酒品尝

Spannort Hotel & Restaurant安全设施

  • 走廊的火灾探测器
  • 公共场合的火灾探测器
  • 走廊的灭火器
  • 急救可用
  • 自动链接到消防站
  • 符合消防安全守则
  • 电烟雾探测器
  • 公共区域的烟雾探测器
  • 走廊的烟雾探测器
  • 公共区域的视频监控

Spannort Hotel & Restaurant 酒店餐饮

À la Carte Spannort Restaurant

位置: On the ground floor of Spannort Hotel & Restaurant

晚餐: 18.00 - 21.00

Spannort Hotel & Restaurant 会议室

Spannort Meeting room

会议设施: 音频/视频设备, 电脑可用, 电脑打印, 复印服务, 无线WiFi互联网连接设备.

类型: 广场

容量: __数__人最多

尺寸: 25.00平方米

Spannort Hotel & Restaurant 酒店地图

Spannort Hotel & Restaurant 酒店地图

酒店周边 更多

  • Mount Titlis 2.0KM

交通工具 更多

  • Engelberg Station (火车 - 200.0M, 5 min)


恩格尔贝格, 瑞士 Known as the leading mountain resort in Switzerland, this beautiful municipality with a rich history and an exquisite atmosphere is one of the premier locations in Switzerland. With scenic views of the Swiss Alps, the beauty of nature is evident in every direction. The city hosts year-round events that showcase the unique culture of Switzerland and of the region. Also, food is an important aspect to Engelberg and this is proven in the many cheese-related attractions such as the Show Cheese Factory and the Alpine Cheese Dairy. Engelberg guarantees its guest an unforgettable experience due to its unique location and natural wonders.