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Donna Carmela, 卡鲁巴迪里波斯托

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Donna Carmela, 卡鲁巴迪里波斯托 . 豪华精品酒店在卡鲁巴迪里波斯托 , 意大利


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Donna Carmela 酒店概况

Donna Carmela, a 19th century Sicilian residence recently transformed in luxury guest house, is located in a magnificent garden featuring Mediterranean plants. Stylishly sophisticated, the building overlooks the ten thousand square metre nursery garden. Donna Carmela is an idyllic retreat where to enjoy either a short weekend break or long summer vacation. The property is famous for its courtyards in lavic paving, the ancient cistern and river pebbles, the well-stocked wine cellar and the swimming pool surrounded by secular olive trees. All comfortable spaces intended to promote relaxation and tranquility. There are 18 rooms all characterized with different spaces and style. Three suites, nine junior suites, four rooms and a flat allows Donna Carmela to satisfy the most demanding needs. Terraces with breathtaking views, refined details and antique furniture differentiate these three suites from the other rooms. The aromas and flavors of the great Sicilian gastronomic tradition are to be found at Donna Carmela's restaurant where delicious regional dishes are accompanied by an exceptional selection of local wines. Donna Carmela produces also its own DOC wine in ten hectares located in the most prestigious wine area on mount Etna. The vineyards were purchased by Donna Carmela in 2006 and they are between Solicchiata and Passopisciaro on the northern area of the volcano in the territory of Castiglione di Sicilia. The vineyards are grown with Nerello Mascalese, the vine that yealds the most appreciated wines in this area. This is where the ‘Pietradolce - Archineri Etna Doc’ is born from the enthusiasm and commitment of the Faro family. The wine-making is done in a well-equipped cellar in Mascali, the area of origin of the Nerello Mascalese, only a few kilometres away from Donna Carmela. The Hotel features also a well equipped conference room, making it an ideal setting for both business and relaxation.

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Donna Carmela 酒店位置

Donna Carmela is located in Carruba di Riposto,Sicily, an ideal position to explore the important cultural and natural sites in eastern Sicily: Siracuse's remains, Acireale's baroque, Piazza Armerina's mistery, Catania's history, Taormina's charm, mount Etna's beauty, to mention but a few.

地址: Contrada Grotte, 5 - Carruba di Riposto (CT) - Italy - Donna Carmela 卡鲁巴迪里波斯托 Map

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Donna Carmela 酒店餐饮

Donna Carmela

早餐: 8:00/10:30

午餐: 13:00/14:00

晚餐: 20:00/21:00

Donna Carmela 会议室

Meetings, not stress

描述: A business meeting between mount Etna’s green woods and the sky blue of the sea, and why not have a swim in our swimming pool or a walk in the park between one session and the next? Donnacarmela has the perfect conference room at your disposal, where you can organise any type of event. The natural scenery and quiet of the area and the easy access and services we provide make Donnacarmela the ideal place for company briefings, business training courses and any other type of meeting. Because work isn’t just stress….

会议设施: 音频/视频设备.

Donna Carmela 酒店地图

Donna Carmela 酒店地图

酒店周边 更多

  • The port of Riposto 5.0KM
  • The centre of Catania 18.0KM
  • Acireale 5.0KM
  • Mount Etna 34.0KM
  • The Greek theatre of Siracuse 90.0KM

交通工具 更多

  • By Car From Catania - Highway A18 ()


卡鲁巴迪里波斯托 , 意大利 卡塔尼亚拥有保存完好的和丰富的巴洛克式建筑痕迹,时间可追溯至希腊和罗马时代。一个非常有趣的城市,城市街道由火山的名字命名,也是由火山石铺成的。卡鲁巴迪里波斯托就位于里卡塔尼亚几公里的地方,靠近西西里最美的几个海滩。