Luxx Hotel 是一个奢华精品酒店在 曼谷, 泰国

Luxx Hotel, 曼谷

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Luxx Hotel, 曼谷. 豪华精品酒店在曼谷, 泰国


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Luxx Hotel 酒店概况

With just 13 guestrooms, the exclusive Luxx Hotel is one of Bangkok's smallest boutique hotels. It is also one of the city's best-kept accommodation secrets, breeding new life into the concept of hospitality. What may lack in its size, the unique Luxx Hotel certainly makes up for with style and optimum location. Once a double commercial house located just off the busy Silom Road, the building has switched into a small and classy design property. Standing five floors high, Luxx Hotel Bangkok features 13 uniquely designed guestrooms, ranging from the spacious Suites and Studio to the cosy Compact L and Compact S - all equipped with the most modern features and amenities, such as WiFi Internet connectivity. A wood-framed double-glass wall from all the rooms overlooks the Zen-inspired pebble garden, adding to the spaciousness and creating a sense of tranquillity.With its distinctive Thai-Thai-style hospitality Luxx Hotel Bangkok provides not only mere accommodation, but also a very warm welcome of authentic local Thai culture.

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Luxx Hotel 酒店位置

Luxx Hotel is located in Bangkok, tucked away in the posh Decho Road, a few steps to the Silom intersection which is for many travellers synonymous with dining, shopping and nightlife in Bangkok. Its strategic location makes Luxx Hotel a must for those seeking access, fun and privacy.

地址: 6/11 Decho road, Bangruk, Bangkok - 10500, Thailand - Luxx Hotel 曼谷 Map

Luxx Hotel客房

Compact S

客房介绍: Designed as a standard room at about 20 sqm with a see through sliding door to the bathroom matched with folded blinds and still featuring our signature wooden bath tub and beds of heaven. Amenities includes Colored TV and DVD player ideal for single/couple guests who prefer the comfort of sleeping at no frills.

入住率: 2 成人

Compact L

客房介绍: Designed as a deluxe room at about 24 sqm and structured to give a small balcony seen in transparent glass wall. Bathrooms are still open, fun with signature wooden bath tub. Beds of heaven, Colored TV, DVD player and a mini bar are features that most honeymooners prefer while staying at our deluxe rooms.

入住率: 2 成人


客房介绍: Designed as a business suite at a remarkable 34 sqm with a courtyard that can bee seen through transparent glass walls. Bathrooms are large sizes with plaster walls that can be opened anytime to watch in the Colored TV, DVD player or simply indulge in the our Beds of heaven. Highlighted by large cabinets, dresser and high ceilings, our studios are a haven for business guests.

入住率: 2 成人


客房介绍: Designed in perfection. No frills, just pure minimalistic furnishings and straightforward hipness and trendiness. Who can resist a Flat LCD Screen, personalized DVD player, living area with a long couch, pantry, separated one bedroom area by sliding glass and wooden framed doors and the perfect view of the courtyard. Think about more than 50 sqm of luxurious space ideal for business, pleasure, honeymoon or simple indulgence, your privacy is at peace in our suites.

入住率: 2 成人 & 1 儿童

Luxx Hotel 服务与设施

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  • 客房早餐服务
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  • 夜床服务
  • 24小时前台接待
  • 包容同性恋者
  • 本地电话
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  • 行李寄存处
  • 每日长途电话服务
  • 长途电话服务
  • 打印机/个人电脑可用
  • 24小时客房服务
  • 保管箱
  • 安全
  • 轮椅无障碍电梯


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  • 快捷入住
  • 特快退房
  • 传真服务
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Luxx Hotel安全设施

  • 24小时保安

Luxx Hotel 酒店地图

Luxx Hotel 酒店地图


曼谷, 泰国 “曼谷”(Bangkok),泰国首都,泰国最大城市,东南亚第二大城市,为泰国政治、经济、贸易、交通、文化、科技、教育、与各方面中心。旅游业十分发达,被评选为2013全球最受欢迎旅游城市。曼谷被誉为是“佛教之都”。 泰国人称曼谷为“军贴”,意思是“天使之城”。将其泰文全称转为拉丁文字,长达167个字母,其意为:“天使之城、伟大的都市、玉佛的宿处、坚不可摧的城市、被赠予九块宝石的世界大都会、充满著像似统治转世神之天上住所的巍峨皇宫,一座由因陀罗给予、毗湿奴建造的大都会”。

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