CasaSandra Boutique Hotel 是一个奢华精品酒店在 奥尔沃克斯岛, 墨西哥

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CasaSandra Boutique Hotel, 奥尔沃克斯岛. 豪华精品酒店在奥尔沃克斯岛, 墨西哥


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CasaSandra Boutique Hotel 酒店概况

在Holbox岛上一处最美丽而最受到上天眷顾的地方藏着一家小巧而富于魔力的酒店,在这里,你可以感受到住宿的同时与自然对话的乐趣。你会将城市的压力统统抛置脑后。作用岛上最舒适的区域,Casa Sandra所有的客房都面向海洋。您可以欣赏日落,钓鱼,携氧式潜水或到Yalahau 湖上的“激情岛”“鸟岛”做一次愉快的观光。

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CasaSandra Boutique Hotel 酒店位置


地址: Calle de la Igualdad a un costado de Sec. Tec. - Isla Holbox, 77310, Mexico - CasaSandra Boutique Hotel 奥尔沃克斯岛 Map

CasaSandra Boutique Hotel客房


客房介绍: 拥有两张标准尺寸床铺的豪华套房,500针的埃及棉毯,空气调节(装置),吊扇,带淋浴的浴室,浴室中的手工制品,浴袍,房间中原创的手工装饰。由Oaxaca印第安人所织的床罩。

入住率: 2 成人


客房介绍: 房间有餐厅和客厅,及独立的穿衣室,带2个镀锌喷头的浴室,超大双人床,有吊床的私人露台,卫星电视,2个空调,两个吊扇,海洋全景。

入住率: 2 成人


客房介绍: Holbox岛上最不可思议的房间,能看到海洋全景。

入住率: 2 成人

Superior Ocean

客房介绍: 拥有两张标准尺寸床铺的豪华套房,500针的埃及棉毯,空气调节(装置),吊扇,带淋浴的浴室,浴室中的手工制品,浴袍,房间中原创的手工装饰。由Oaxaca印第安人所织的床罩。

入住率: 2 成人

Suite Ocean

客房介绍: 房间有餐厅和客厅,及独立的穿衣室,带2个镀锌喷头的浴室,超大双人床,有吊床的私人露台,卫星电视,2个空调,两个吊扇,海洋全景。

入住率: 2 成人

Master Ocean

客房介绍: Holbox岛上最不可思议的房间,能看到海洋全景。

入住率: 2 成人

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CasaSandra Boutique Hotel 酒店餐饮


描述: CasaSandra餐厅是酒店的美食餐厅,位于主建筑里,这个浪漫,隐秘的房间,最对可容纳25人,这里所有的食物和饮料都是酒店提供的。餐厅也对大众市民开,那里的苹果酒被认为是岛上最好的。

位置: Hotel

着装规则: 无

早餐: 8:00-10:30

午餐: 13:00-16:00

晚餐: 19:00:22:30

CasaSandra Boutique Hotel 酒店地图

CasaSandra Boutique Hotel 酒店地图

交通工具 更多

  • Cancun International (机场 - 130.0KM, 150 min)


奥尔沃克斯岛, 墨西哥 Located to the northwest of Cancun, Holbox Island is just 42 km long. It is separated from the mainland coast by a shallow lagoon which gives sanctuary to thousands of flamingos, pelicans and other exotic birds and creatures. Most of the people in the island make their living fishing, it is common to see fishermen walking through the village with their catch of the day or carrying their nets. The streets of Holbox Island are made of white sand, common of Caribbean islands, and there are very few cars. Holbox is considered a virgin tourist destination because very few outsiders visit the island. In spite of the island's natural beauty, inaccessibility has left it unspoiled by mass tourism. On this island there is only one small village, also called Holbox, where less than 1,500 people make their home. The streets are sand lined with brightly painted wooden houses. The majority of the people are fishermen. They catch large red snapper, bonitos and grouper. These fishermen also go after lobster and octopus in season. As you can imagine, the seafood sold in the local restaurants is fresh and delicious. Treat yourself here to some of the world's best ceviche, a cold dish with fish, shrimp or other shellfish marinated with tomatoes, vinegar and oil, cilantro, and garlic.