Chateau de Bourron 是一个奢华精品酒店在 布伦荷洛特, 法国

Chateau de Bourron, 布伦荷洛特

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Chateau de Bourron, 布伦荷洛特. 豪华精品酒店在布伦荷洛特, 法国


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Chateau de Bourron 酒店概况

Chateau de Bourron酒店是一座17世纪的城堡,其庭院坐落于Bourron-Marlotte村,由42公顷的公园绿地环绕。在这里您可以感受皇室不同时期的风格,在公园里尽情散步、骑自行车、打网球或是选择一趟热气球之旅。酒店距离枫丹白露有7公里,设有网球场。酒店典雅的客房可欣赏到周围公园的景色,设有仿古家具。每间客房均设带吹风机和免费洗浴用品的连接浴室。部分客房设有壁炉和休息区。Les Prémices餐厅所在地原来是城堡的马厩,酒店提供欧陆式早餐,也欢迎客人在午餐和晚餐时段在此品尝法国美食。

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Chateau de Bourron 酒店位置


地址: 14 bis, rue du Maréchal Foch - Bourron-Marlotte, 77780, France - Chateau de Bourron 布伦荷洛特 Map

Chateau de Bourron客房

La Chambre des Frères Montgolfier

客房介绍: The room of the two Montgolfier brothers provides an exceptional view. The linen wall coverings are manufactured by Brunschwig & Sons, which hang above the beautiful Louis XV mantle and a painting of the French park of the castle in 1881. All this contributes to the scenery and relaxation of this refined and warm atmosphere. The bathroom is decorated with soft, original colours with double sinks on a red Belgian marble counter. The floor is the original tile from the seventeenth century.

入住率: 2 成人

La chambre du Général de Brye

客房介绍: The room of the General de Brye has a warm and refined setting. Its collection of furniture in the pure Louis XVI style, small libraries which frame the bed, hangings by Pierre Frey and the beautiful high ceilings are elements that plunge you in a place of well being. Its bathroom has a direct view of the moats and the bath which rests within an authentic alcove. The rays of the fading sun caress the beautiful stone from Bourgogne that frames the two basins and the old tiled floor of the seventeenth century. The elegant Italian earthenware completes this scene of elegance and comfort

入住率: 2 成人

La Chambre Vogüé

客房介绍: Stunning visible wood frames, beautiful wallpaper by ‘’Canovas’’ with white and pink stripes. Splendid Corinthian wood columns, decorative marble chimney and an arch above the mirror, representing a pastoral scene with three children and a dove. All items are authentic from the eighteenth century. A view towards the south of the park. A closet is hidden behind a false library (which was formerly secret passage!). Bathroom with double sinks and Italian floor tiles, authentic eagle claw bathtub, pink earthenware and wooden frames.

入住率: 2 成人

La Chambre du Petit Roi de Rome

客房介绍: Jouy wallpaper by ‘’Pierre Frey’’ of fire-balloons and other drawings.Charming canopy over the bed.Red Belgian marble chimney (only decorative)Painted trumeau representing the allegory of the painter and his muse.Exceptional view of the south perspective of the park.Hidden door behind the wall leads to the bathroom.Bathroom with double sinks and Italian floor tiles, authentic eagle claw bathtub, pink earthenware and apparent wood frame

入住率: 2 成人

La Chambre Aramon

客房介绍: With its high ceiling, its alcove, soft colors, pretty pink silk, its fireplace and over-mantel telling of a time of business in a port in the Mediterranean Sea with the Ottomans in the eighteenth century, this room inspires dreams and tranquility. The view of the horseshoe staircase of the castle and its park from a Louis XVI desk gives anyone inspiration to write. The bathroom offers the happiness of a big Italian-style shower. Daylight is achieved through a large window overlooking onto the formal garden. The old tiles, colored by natural pigments with linseed oil, offer a warm glowing color that blends perfectly with the gray tiled bathroom.

入住率: 2 成人

La Chambre Récamier

客房介绍: This magnificent room had been built with inspiration the Empire period, under the influence of the Recamier style. We attempted to restore this atmosphere, through red and white stripes with the factory JAB, the golden yellow canopy and the same style furniture. The chimney and its monumental woodwork in the style of Louis XV, gilded in brass leaf became integrated perfectly into the Empire style! This imperial room recreates the magnificence of imperial apartments with high ceilings, its beautiful light fittings and rich decorations. The bathroom’s ‘bull’s eye’ window above the door, shower with an Italian stone floor and the cast iron bathtub on the lion feet will certainly seduce you.

入住率: 2 成人

La Suite Cordon

客房介绍: The Cordon suite gathers all the elements of luxury without ostentation, hued lighting, an empire canopy with silks from Lelièvre, a chimney and colors with a soft harmony of cream and yellow. Its bathroom possesses a profound bathtub, which is accessed through a small staircase. The natural lighting is thanks to a small bull’s eye window encircled within bricks. The view looks onto the top of century-old oak trees, which surround the castle. The old tiled floor of the era, colored by the natural pigments of the linseed oil give a warm red color, which corresponds perfectly to the yellow earthenware.

入住率: 2 成人

La Suite La Bédoyère

客房介绍: Refined decorations Elegant bed surmounted by a charming Louis XVI canopy Warm and luminous tones of claret, red, raspberry, cream, yellow gold… furnished with unique pieces of the epoch High ceilings Large rooms Bathroom complimented by earthenware, ‘’Rairies’’, built by hand and the original tiled floor.

入住率: 2 成人

La Chambre Marie Leszczynska

客房介绍: This is a magnificent and luxury guest room that had been prepared for the queen so that she could rest or change. It has now been restored! You can particularly admire the arc gilded in the brass leaf, the restoration of the blue azure and the color of the weapons of the queen. Very sophisticated wall coverings, a drape behind the archway behind the bed, a library of numerous works, the styled furniture and the beautiful engraving representing the court under Louis XV. This royal room recreates the magnificence of the luxurious houses with its high ceilings and its rich decorations! You will be in awe of the bathroom, the shower with an Italian stone floor and a grand bathtub… Experience balneo-therapy with very silent hydromassage bath! Finally, enjoy an open view of the park.

入住率: 2 成人

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Chateau de Bourron 酒店餐饮

Les Prémices

描述: French Cuisine Open from Wednesday to Sunday afternoon.

位置: At the chateau

Chateau de Bourron 会议室

Meeting Room

描述: Meeting Room available

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Chateau de Bourron 酒店地图


布伦荷洛特, 法国 布伦荷洛特位于法国中北部的法兰西岛大区。19世纪下半期,一些印象派画家例如阿尔弗雷德·西斯利,皮埃尔·奥古斯特·雷诺阿和保罗塞尚曾经造访此地。