Mavi Beyaz 是一个奢华精品酒店在 达特恰, 土耳其

Mavi Beyaz, 达特恰

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Mavi Beyaz, 达特恰. 豪华精品酒店在达特恰, 土耳其


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Mavi Beyaz 酒店概况

Well, if God loves you, he undoubtedly will send you to Datça Peninsula. If you came here already, you would know the reason of this. If you haven’t, you will want to praise the Lord for giving it as soon as you meet its peaceful atmosphere, wonderful sea, environment and air. Viewing the most beautiful bays of Aegean and Mediterranean seas accompanied with a breathtaking sight, you come to Palamutbükü. Think of a sea so beautiful that it makes you forget everything you ever know. If you haven’t swum in Palamutbükü, you can consider yourself that you have never gone to swimming at all. Palamutbükü where you can see the brightest reflections of stars, moonlight and full moon on the sea; Hotel Mavi Beyaz where people come to clean their souls and bodies. The shining star of Datça-Palamutbükü, which is Hotel Mavi Beyaz, is waiting for you to come and explore all the beauties from its clear sea, splendiferous architecture to delicious tastes and quality.

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Mavi Beyaz 酒店位置

Hotel Mavi Beyaz is located on the most beautiful place in precious Palamutbuku of Datca Peninsula, near a wonderful sea. Think of a sea so beautiful that it makes you forget everything you ever know as soon as you meet its clear water. If you haven’t swam in Palamutbuku, you can consider yourself that you have never gone to swimming at all. Yaka Koyu Palamutbuku 48900 Datca / Mugla / Turkey

地址: Yakakoyu Palamatbuku - Datça, 48900, Turkey - Mavi Beyaz 达特恰 Map

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  • 餐厅
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Mavi Beyaz 酒店餐饮

Garavilla Restaurant

Mavi Beyaz 酒店地图

Mavi Beyaz 酒店地图

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  • Dalaman (机场 - 190.0KM, 150 min)


达特恰, 土耳其 The Datça district in the province of Muğla is a fascinating and hidden getaway in the historic and culturally exotic country of Turkey. Known for its beautifully coves and bays, the Datça district is a place that can be defined as a destination that must be on everyone’s list of locations to see in the world. Visiting Datça, one can take a look at the breathtaking, picturesque natural wonders of the southwestern coast of Turkey. Datça is also a unique district since it has managed to preserve the traditional settlements and blended the newly constructed vacation villages in the area to create the possibility to experience two worlds. Along with a mountainous background on the western part and a constant breeze that allows for a nice climate, Datça is one of Turkey’s most renowned districts.

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