La Casa del Maestro 是一个奢华精品酒店在 塞维利亚, 西班牙

La Casa del Maestro, 塞维利亚

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La Casa del Maestro, 塞维利亚. 豪华精品酒店在塞维利亚, 西班牙


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La Casa del Maestro 酒店概况

The boutique hotel La Casa del Maestro is located in the heart of historical Seville. Originally, our hotel was the house of the master of the flamenco guitar – Niño Ricardo. La Casa del Maestro offers 11 rooms, each of a different decoration inspired by the songs of the Master. Our hotel also has a patio terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning sunshine or a dinner in the moon’s light.

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La Casa del Maestro 酒店位置

The Hotel La Casa del Maestro is situated in Seville, between the districts of Santa Cruz and Santa Catalina in Seville. All you need is a couple of steps in order to get to the Church of Santa Catalina. The street’s name, where the hotel is located, is Niño Ricardo. It is a pedestrian alley located between the street Francisco Carrión and Mejías Alhóndiga.

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La Casa del Maestro 酒店地图


塞维利亚, 西班牙 Enjoy the city's inimitable character where alegria and fiesta take center stage. The Andalusian capital's intensity and passion for life will captivate the visitor; it may be the flamenco dance, the scent of oranges, the picturesque festivities, or just a stroll through the alleys among imposing monumental buildings; but nobody can escape Seville's old and genuine enchantment.

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