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  • Europa
  • América do Norte
  • Caribe
  • América do Sul
  • Ásia
  • África


  • Hotel na cidade
  • Rural
  • Ilha
  • Lago
  • Beira-mar
  • Cidade secundário
  • Vista para a água


  • Exótico
  • Lua de Mel
  • Vida noturna
  • Restaurante
  • Romântico
  • Tranquilidade
  • Casamentos

Tipo de hotel

  • Avant-garde
  • Clássico
  • Família
  • íntimo
  • Grande
  • Estilo de vida
  • Pequeno


  • Destino cultural
  • Ginásio
  • Sala de reunião
  • Compras
  • Turismo
  • Spa
  • Piscina
  • Wifi

Encontramos os seguintes hotéis para você:

Located in one of the most unique places in Turkey, the Villa ASINA is a special boutique hotel that has managed to blend many aspects of luxury, tradition and culture. The Villa ASINA is located in the Datça district that is known for its beautiful coves, bays and amazing views. All the rooms at the Villa ASINA specialized in preserving the “home-like” feeling by carefully selecting handmade embroidery, vibrant fabrics and canvas all made from local materials. On site the Villa ASINA is a garden that allows for relaxation while enjoying the nice breeze coming off the coast of the Datça district. Picturesque sunrises from the on-site pool, a delicious breakfast selection being served near the deck and a garden-like theme, the Villa ASINA perfects the idea of a never-ending vacation.

20 Quartos - Vista para a água - Beira-mar - Cidade secundário - Restaurante - Lua de Mel - Romântico - Clássico - Piscina

Reserva De 280.00 TRY
Resort de luxo com encanto, com um toque de intimidade e distinção de estilo contemporâneo. Casa Colonial Beach & Spa Hotel se encontra localizado em um lugar invejado com areia dourada ao lado da "Playa Dourada" e de um exclusivo campo de golf.

50 Quartos - Exótico - Beira-mar - Restaurante - Casamentos - Lua de Mel - Romântico - Clássico - Piscina - Ginásio

Reserva De 240.00 USD
Localizado em uma zona privilegiada da ilha de Holbox, este hotel com encanto oferece um espaço íntimo e romântico para escapar da vida da cidade.

12 Quartos - Vista para a água - Exótico - Beira-mar - Cidade secundário - Ilha - Restaurante - Lua de Mel - Tranquilidade - Romântico - Clássico - íntimo - Spa

Reserva De 380.09 EUR
The Hotel Urso in Madrid is a design-driven modern boutique hotel that gives a new life to a 19th century building presenting the Spain’s richly decorated expression of the Neoclassical period. The hotel features 78 rooms including 15 suites. Amenities include air-conditioning, a Nespresso machine, a safe, wi-fi, bathrobe and slippers. Nearby the Urso Hotel & Spa are many shops and the Barcelo food market that will soon be open to the public.

78 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Clássico - Destino cultural - Compras - Turismo - Wifi

Reserva De 165.00 EUR
Knai Bang Chatt hotel Kep is a superb lifestyle resort that will not fail to enchant you. Located in Kep, on Cambodia's southern coastline, the boutique hotel offers you a mix of privacy, tranquility and distinctiveness. The whole resort is made up of 11 rooms that are individually decorated, all with a distinctive identity and taste. Surrounded by breathtaking views, Knai Bang Chatt Hotel has a Spa, a pool and restaurant. The best of boutique hotels in Kep by far .

18 Quartos - Vista para a água - Exótico - Beira-mar - Cidade secundário - Restaurante - Lua de Mel - Romântico - Clássico - íntimo - Wifi

Reserva De 125.00 USD
With eight exquisite rooms, with a unique color scheme using different shades of blue, the Alura hotel has everything that one needs in order to relax to the fullest. Located in the center of Alacati in the Izmir province, the Alura Hotel offers guests a wide selection of amenities such as a pool, a delicious breakfast, pilates and yoga classes, and best of all one can expect a luxurious and comfortable room.

8 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Exótico - Cidade secundário - Clássico - Pequeno - íntimo - Destino cultural - Piscina - Wifi

Reserva De 165.00 EUR
Close to the city centre of Palma de Mallorca, 10 minutes by car, you will find the luxurious Hotel Hospes Maricel, a complex formed by an elegant palace with a regional architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries and by the modern annex Eco building, located in second line, built with native stone walls and a contemporary design.

51 Quartos - Vista para a água - Beira-mar - Restaurante - Casamentos - Lua de Mel - Romântico - Clássico - Pequeno - Estilo de vida - Sala de reunião - Piscina

Reserva De 280.50 EUR
The Red Wall Garden Hotel is located in the Shijia Hutong in the Dongcheng District of Beijing. The Hutongs are in the vicinity of the Red Wall Garden Hotel and are of easy access. The nearest subway stations are 0.5 km away, the city center known as Wangfujing Street is also 0.5 km, and the airport is located 28 km away from the hotel.

40 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Restaurante - Clássico - Pequeno - Destino cultural - Sala de reunião - Compras - Turismo - Wifi

Reserva De 756.52 CNY