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  • Europa
  • América do Norte
  • Caribe
  • América do Sul
  • Ásia
  • África


  • Hotel na cidade
  • Rural
  • Ilha
  • Lago
  • Beira-mar
  • Cidade secundário
  • Vista para a água


  • Exótico
  • Lua de Mel
  • Vida noturna
  • Restaurante
  • Romântico
  • Tranquilidade
  • Casamentos

Tipo de hotel

  • Avant-garde
  • Clássico
  • Família
  • íntimo
  • Grande
  • Estilo de vida
  • Pequeno


  • Destino cultural
  • Ginásio
  • Sala de reunião
  • Compras
  • Turismo
  • Spa
  • Piscina
  • Wifi

Encontramos os seguintes hotéis para você:

The Al Cielo Hotel is our beachfront boutique hotel located in the Yucatan peninsula in Xpu-Ha Beach, Riviera Maya, Mexico. This region is a tropical paradise, filled with lagoons, jungles, beaches and Mayan ruins that give the opportunity to discover nature and history. Fabulous rooms with ocean views, terraces and privacy delight guests of this fabulous boutique hotel. The Al Cielo Hotel has an on-site restaurant cooking up some of the finest and freshest seafood that will stimulate all taste buds and leave a lasting impression. Staying at the Al Cielo Hotel is like living in a dream world.

8 Quartos - Vista para a água - Exótico - Beira-mar - Cidade secundário - Restaurante - Casamentos - Lua de Mel - Tranquilidade - Romântico - Clássico - Pequeno - Família - íntimo - Wifi

Reserva De 240.00 USD
Luxury boutique hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Top contemporary designers beautifully decorated it. A unique hotel that attracts acclaimed guests of the world of music and cinema. Located in front of the beach of Leblon, Ipanema.

38 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Vista para a água - Beira-mar - Vida noturna - Restaurante - Lua de Mel - Romântico - Avant-garde - Estilo de vida - Destino cultural - Sala de reunião - Compras - Turismo

Reserva De 769.00 BRL
The Dere Suites in Nevşehir, Turkey is a fascinating boutique hotels with 20 cave or cave stone-built suites. An on-site restaurant offering an open buffet, a set menu and if requested a vegetarian menu, make the Dere Suites an ideal location. All rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities to relax and make the most of a stay. In the vicinity of Nevşehir are underground shelters, fairy chimneys, monasteries and rock-hewn churches in Göreme. The possibilities are endless at the Dere Suites.

16 Quartos - Exótico - Cidade secundário - Restaurante - Lua de Mel - Destino cultural - Turismo - Wifi

Reserva De 150.00 EUR
The Suites Avenue hotel has a unique and avant-garde identity, with its privileged position right on the Passeig de Gracia, in the heart of Barcelona. The Suites Avenue Hotel Barcelona offers spacious, luxury apartments with a minimalist and chic décor that is marked by contrasts, and the most exclusive services of a modern deluxe hotel.

41 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Avant-garde - Destino cultural - Piscina - Compras - Turismo - Ginásio - Wifi

Reserva De 187.50 EUR
Hotel e restaurante de luxo de 4 estrelas em um lindo jardim e com piscina. Caol Ishka está localizado na beira do Rio Anapo, a apenas 5 minutos do centro histórico de Siracusa/Ortigia.

10 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Tranquilidade - Romântico - Avant-garde - íntimo - Turismo - Wifi

Reserva De 150.00 EUR
Hotel de luxo, combinacao sutil de classicismo e modernismo. Localizado a margem do distrito de Marais, o Murano fica pertinho da chique Rua Charlot e da Rua Vieille du Temple.

52 Quartos - Hotel na cidade - Vida noturna - Restaurante - Lua de Mel - Romântico - Avant-garde - Estilo de vida - Destino cultural - Compras - Turismo - Wifi

Reserva De 219.38 EUR
Knai Bang Chatt hotel Kep is a superb lifestyle resort that will not fail to enchant you. Located in Kep, on Cambodia's southern coastline, the boutique hotel offers you a mix of privacy, tranquility and distinctiveness. The whole resort is made up of 11 rooms that are individually decorated, all with a distinctive identity and taste. Surrounded by breathtaking views, Knai Bang Chatt Hotel has a Spa, a pool and restaurant. The best of boutique hotels in Kep by far .

11 Quartos - Vista para a água - Exótico - Beira-mar - Cidade secundário - Restaurante - Lua de Mel - Romântico - Clássico - íntimo - Wifi

Reserva De 126.00 USD