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Boutique hotel in Guadalajara, Messico

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Boutique hotel e di lusso a Guadalajara

With rooms 8 incredible rooms and 4 Master Suites, our boutique hotel Casa Pedro Loza is a wise choice while visiting Guadalajara, Mexico. The Casa Pedro Loza is located in the center of Guadalajara making it an ideal place to visit all the sites in the city. Modern amenities, the best service available, a sky lounge, a business center, a VIP lounge and much more make the Casa Pedro Loza the ideal place to stay.

12 Camere - Hotel in città - Città secondaria - Classico - Piccolo - Destinazione Culturale - Turismo

The El Chante Spa Hotel is an amazing example of comfort, luxury and beauty. Located in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico, the El Chante Spa Hotel provides a unique look into the many wonders in Mexico. With a spa, a restaurant, a pool, an amazing view, and numerous modern amenities in the rooms, the El Chante Spa Hotel is a paradise on Earth. There are endless possibilities while staying at the El Chante Spa Hotel, making every stay a different experience.

19 Camere - Hotel in città - Ristorante - Romantico - Classico - Destinazione Culturale - Piscina - Spa

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The city of Guadalajara, México is the proud location of the Hotel de Mendoza. This extraordinary boutique hotel dates back to the 16th century and it is among other wonders that were built during this time period. The amazing colonial architecture, mixed with the luxury and leisure that is found in the 86 rooms and 18 suites, the Hotel de Mendoza is a timeless masterpiece thbat can fulfill all hopes and dreams.

104 Camere - Hotel in città - Città secondaria - Ristorante - Matrimoni - Destinazione Culturale - Piscina - Turismo - Palestra - Wifi

Guadalajara, Messico

Guadalajara, Messico Being México’s 2nd most populous municipality, Guadalajara is a prime example of México’s culture, heritage and pride. Being the birthplace of México’s Mariachi music, along with the many historical buildings, plazas and squares, this is one of the world’s most magnificent places. Due to its amazing infrastructure and the technologically advanced potential, Guadalajara has been nicknamed the Silicon Valley of Mexico. Anything is possible in Guadalajara, with many sites, unique places and endless adventures, Guadalajara is a must see destination.