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  • Europe
  • Amérique du Nord
  • Caraïbes
  • Amerique du Sud
  • Asie
  • Afrique


  • Hôtel de la ville
  • Campagne
  • Île
  • Lac
  • Bord de mer
  • Ville secondaire
  • Vue sur l'eau


  • Exotique
  • Lune de miel
  • Vie Nocturne
  • Restaurant
  • Romantique
  • Tranquillité
  • Mariages

Type d'hôtel

  • Avant-garde
  • Classique
  • Famille
  • Intime
  • Grand
  • Style de vie
  • Petit


  • Destination culturelle
  • Gym
  • Salle de Réunion
  • Shopping
  • Tourisme
  • Spa
  • Piscine
  • Wifi

Nous avons trouvé les hôtels suivants pour vous:

Le Bentley Hôtel est un pionnier dans le tourisme de cette culture si différente. En plus d'offrir un excellent séjour à nos invités, nous leur donnons l'opportunité d'expérimenter un style de vie typiquement Turc.

50 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Exotique - Restaurant - Avant-garde - Destination culturelle - Salle de Réunion - Shopping - Tourisme - Wifi

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Located in a natural environment in the quiet village of Ballesteros de Calatrava in the province of Ciudad Real, Palacio De La Serna offers an exclusive and intimate stay experience. Housed in an 18th-century building, the hotel has 30 tastefully decorated rooms, each unique in style and decor. The Palacio de la Serna Boutique Hotel’s restaurant serves regional dishes, a heated pool and spa & wellness facilities.

27 Chambres - Ville secondaire - Campagne - Restaurant - Mariages - Classique - Petit - Salle de Réunion - Piscine - Spa

L'hôtel MURANO Resort Marrakech est l'un des plus beaux complexes de Marrakech situé au cœur de "la Palmeraie". Vous pourrez apprécier le confort et le design des chambres ainsi que la nouvelle technologie.

30 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Exotique - Lune de miel - Tranquillité - Romantique - Avant-garde - Style de vie - Destination culturelle - Piscine - Tourisme - Gym - Wifi

Réserver à partir de 792.00 MAD
The Chateau de Bourron is a fabulous place to stay at. This castle still retains the essence from its original dates. One can wake up and believe that they are a part of royalty during a different time period. There are plenty of activities to do on the premises of the Chateau de Bourron in Bourron-Marlette, France such as a walk in the 42-acre park, one can enjoy a bike ride, play a little bit of tennis and even take a trip on a hot air balloon!

Chambres - Ville secondaire - Campagne - Mariages - Tranquillité - Romantique - Classique - Salle de Réunion - Wifi

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Zuo You Ke Hotel (Yuanjia Village) is located on the centre line of the folk custom street. Some buildings were constructed in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It shows traditional style of unique residential culture in northern China. The guest rooms are designed in different themes, with a contemporary design by contrast. The hotel has a conference room for up to 60 guests and a restaurant serving Western cuisine. To enjoy a relaxing moment, hotel guests can take advantage of the swimming pool, the physical therapy massage rooms and the fitness area.

27 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Restaurant - Classique - Destination culturelle - Piscine - Shopping - Tourisme

The Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa aims to exceed every expectation and provides its guests with long lasting memories. Step back in time and find yourself dwelling on the edge of a hill in the centre of Anatolia with magnificent views across this mystical land. Take your time and relax, spoil yourself in the pool or on the sun terrace, sit down and treat yourself to a delicious meal in the restaurant or enjoy fabulous drinks at the intimate bar: friendly and discreet staff will take care of every need making your vacation special. A striking boutique hotel in Cappadocia.

121 Chambres - Exotique - Ville secondaire - Campagne - Restaurant - Romantique - Salle de Réunion - Piscine - Tourisme - Gym - Spa

Le Hart's Nottingham est un petit boutique hôtel situé à 5 minutes à pied du centre ville de Nottingham. Un parking est à disposition des clients.

32 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Ville secondaire - Restaurant - Avant-garde - Petit - Tourisme - Wifi

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Our boutique hotel known as the Leslie Hotel in the sizzling city of Miami is an ideal place to stay at while visiting this paradise. Access to the beach, walking distance from some of the best nightclubs, shops and restaurants in the world, a terrace with an ocean view, and all the amenities in these contemporary rooms make the Leslie Hotel the hottest place in the Art Deco District of South Beach.

35 Chambres - Hôtel de la ville - Vue sur l'eau - Bord de mer - Vie Nocturne - Lune de miel - Avant-garde - Piscine - Tourisme - Gym

Réserver à partir de 187.20 USD