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We found the following hotels for you:

Small luxury 4 star hotel in Lisbon, probably the most charming and stylish boutique hotel of the capital. Located in Old Lisbon city centre, As Janelas Verdes Hotel offers a gentle, romantic and welcoming atmosphere.

29 Rooms - City Hotel - Tranquillity - Small - Cultural Destination

Hotel Ca Nigra Small luxury boutique hotel, tradition and modern amenities to create a jewel of rare beauty. Ca Nigra Lagoon Resort Hotel is located right on Venice's Canal Grande, with its own private gardens . One of the finest boutique hotels in Venice.

22 Rooms - City Hotel - Honeymoon - Tranquillity - Romance - Classic - Small - Cultural Destination - Shopping - Sightseeing

Unique boutique hotel with luxury apartments and a relaxing sunset. Baie des Anges Hotel is located on Mansa Beach, three miles from downtown Punta del Este.

20 Rooms - Water View - Seaside - Secondary city - Nightlife - Tranquillity - Classic - Small - Meeting Room - Swimming Pool - Spa

Small boutique hotel offering a unique land base perspective on Galapagos with total comfort, privacy, and service. Located in Puerto Villamil, surrounded by the National Park, La Casa de Marita Hotel is very close to the beach.

16 Rooms - Water View - Exotic - Seaside - Secondary city - Island - Tranquillity - Classic - Small - Swimming Pool - Sightseeing

Luxury family run boutique hotel with steaming room, sauna and indoor swimming pool. Seewirt & Haus Attila Hotel is located in Podersdorf am See, close to the Lake Neusiedl and Nationalpark Neusiedlersee Seewinkel.

70 Rooms - Water View - Secondary city - Lake - Restaurant - Weddings - Honeymoon - Tranquillity - Romance - Classic - Swimming Pool - Sightseeing - Spa

MURANO Resort Marrakech is a deluxe boutique resort located in the heart of 'la Palmeraie' in Marrakech. In the rooms, you will discover comfort and design, exclusive contemporary furniture, TV and high speed Internet access.

30 Rooms - City Hotel - Exotic - Honeymoon - Tranquillity - Romance - Avant-garde - Lifestyle - Cultural Destination - Swimming Pool - Sightseeing - Gym - Wifi

Small boutique hotel offers an intimate and romantic space where to scape from the life of the city. Casa Sandra Hotel is located in a privileged area of the Island of Holbox, in the ecological reserve of Yumbalam.

12 Rooms - Water View - Exotic - Seaside - Secondary city - Island - Restaurant - Honeymoon - Tranquillity - Romance - Classic - Intimate - Spa

Situated in the heart of Exeter, Abode Exeter has built upon a tradition of excellence and quality to create the city's most exciting venue. Whether on business or pleasure, at our boutique hotel you will leave Exeter feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. This hotel provides Free Wifi.

53 Rooms - City Hotel - Secondary city - Restaurant - Tranquillity - Classic - Meeting Room - Gym - Wifi

Located in Praia Rasa, Villa Rasa Marina is the most modern boutique Hotel in Buzios, about 175 km from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This boutique hotel offers 35 spacious guestrooms, Mediterranean cuisine and all the facilities that will help you relaxing such as: Spa, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and it is only a few steps from the beach.

35 Rooms - Water View - Seaside - Restaurant - Weddings - Honeymoon - Tranquillity - Classic - Small - Swimming Pool - Gym - Spa - Wifi

Luxx Hotel is located a few steps to the Silon intersection which is for many travelers synonymous with dining, shopping and nightlife in Bangkok. From the spacious Suites and Studio to the cozy Compact L and compact S, all rooms are equipped with features and amenities than trained come for and design. This is the coolest of the small boutique hotels in Bangkok.

13 Rooms - City Hotel - Exotic - Nightlife - Tranquillity - Avant-garde - Intimate - Cultural Destination - Shopping - Sightseeing - Wifi

Donna Carmela is located in Carruba di Riposto near Siracusa and Taormina,Sicily .Placed in the heart of a nursery specialized in Mediterranean plants, Donna Carmela is ready to welcome you in a 19th century Sicilian house that has been refurbished in full respect of the original but given all the modern comforts.

18 Rooms - Secondary city - Countryside - Restaurant - Tranquillity - Swimming Pool - Wifi

Casa Serena , formerly Lapis Casa Boutique Hotel in Shanghai offers 18 individually decorated guestrooms fitted with antique furnishings. The hotel is in the heart of Shanghai right on the edge of XinTianDi. One of the first boutique hotels in Shanghai.

13 Rooms - City Hotel - Exotic - Restaurant - Weddings - Tranquillity - Classic - Small - Intimate - Cultural Destination - Wifi

The boutique Hotel Orilla del Rio in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is a warm and cozy place where every guest feels like at home. The boutique Hotel Orilla del Rio has got comfortable rooms with all the amenities and services to offer every guest the best possible stay.

6 Rooms - City Hotel - Secondary city - Restaurant - Weddings - Honeymoon - Tranquillity - Romance - Classic - Intimate - Swimming Pool - Wifi

León, Nicaragua is a city with a lot of colonial history dating back to the 16th century. The Hotel El Convento is a present day version of what it once was during the establishment of the colony. With exuberant gardens, along with typical Spanish colonial architecture, the Hotel El Convento is a one-of-a-kind destination that blends in the ancient times with the present. With a selection of 31 executive hotels, and with a complimentary breakfast that shows the hospitality of the Nicaraguan people, the Hotel El Convento is a must stay location while traveling through the wonderful Nicaragua.

32 Rooms - City Hotel - Secondary city - Restaurant - Weddings - Tranquillity - Classic - Cultural Destination - Sightseeing

The Al Cielo Hotel is our beachfront boutique hotel located in the Yucatan peninsula in Xpu-Ha Beach, Riviera Maya, Mexico. This region is a tropical paradise, filled with lagoons, jungles, beaches and Mayan ruins that give the opportunity to discover nature and history. Fabulous rooms with ocean views, terraces and privacy delight guests of this fabulous boutique hotel. The Al Cielo Hotel has an on-site restaurant cooking up some of the finest and freshest seafood that will stimulate all taste buds and leave a lasting impression. Staying at the Al Cielo Hotel is like living in a dream world.

8 Rooms - Water View - Exotic - Seaside - Secondary city - Restaurant - Weddings - Honeymoon - Tranquillity - Romance - Classic - Small - Family - Intimate - Wifi

The Hotel Molino del Arco is our cozy boutique hotel with 19 rooms all decorated in a way that makes guests feel just like at home. On site the Hotel Molino del Arco is a very special garden that allows guests to have a drink, furthermore there is a pool and several places to sunbathe. To top it all off, the Hotel Molino del Arco is very proud of their restaurant which serves a fine choice of dishes and during the summer one can enjoy an outdoor meal overlooking the beautiful scenery of Ronda, Spain.

19 Rooms - City Hotel - Secondary city - Countryside - Restaurant - Tranquillity - Classic - Small - Meeting Room

The Hotel See Kandy is a boutique hotel located in Kandy, Sri Lanka, where this becomes heaven on Earth. Fabulous rooms all with modern amenities including a private Jacuzzi for the luxury suite, make staying at the Hotel See Kandy a heartwarming experience. Antique furniture, spacious luxury bathrooms and an incredible decoration are the hotel’s main attributes along with a possibility to enjoy the fine Sri Lankan cuisine on-site. Overlooking the wonders of Sri Lanka, the Hotel See Kandy is on the hilly outskirts of the city, where being surrounded by lush gardens and a friendly staff make staying at the Hotel See Kandy like a dream come true.

6 Rooms - Exotic - Secondary city - Countryside - Honeymoon - Tranquillity - Romance - Intimate

The Edelmira Hotel located in the wonderful city of Guanajuato in Mexico, is our unique boutique hotel that has many amenities that set it apart from the rest of the hotels in the city. 27 rooms designed with modern and classical elements allow for guests to feel as if they were in the comfort of their own home. The Edelmira Hotel happens to be in the heart of the old town, making it possible to feel as if you were in a different time period. On site, one can dine at the TSU restaurant, enjoy a swim at the heated pool, or lounge and relax at the rooftop of the Edelmira Hotel in the Terrace Bar.

27 Rooms - City Hotel - Secondary city - Restaurant - Honeymoon - Tranquillity - Romance - Classic - Small - Cultural Destination - Meeting Room - Swimming Pool - Sightseeing - Spa - Wifi

The Bellavista hotel is our wonderful boutique hotel located in the old town of Monopoli in Bari, Italy, located right on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. Numerous amenities, access to a terrace, a pool, a spa, a Jacuzzi, and the beach, the Bellavista hotel offers an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a true paradise. This is a great way to also embrace the essence and culture of southern Italy as it is located nearby numerous towns and villages.

4 Rooms - Seaside - Secondary city - Tranquillity - Romance - Classic - Intimate

In the Fife countryside near Dunfermline in Scotland is a beautiful place known as the Balmule House. With 8 beautiful, luxurious rooms, guests can expect the best treatment available. Modern amenities including wi-fi, heated floors, air-conditioning, a business room and much more make guests feel sure they have everything they need. 30 acres of wooded ground and formal gardens provide a perfect opportunity to relax and embrace nature.

8 Rooms - Secondary city - Countryside - Weddings - Tranquillity - Classic - Sightseeing