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We found the following hotels for you:

The El Chante Spa Hotel is an amazing example of comfort, luxury and beauty. Located in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico, the El Chante Spa Hotel provides a unique look into the many wonders in Mexico. With a spa, a restaurant, a pool, an amazing view, and numerous modern amenities in the rooms, the El Chante Spa Hotel is a paradise on Earth. There are endless possibilities while staying at the El Chante Spa Hotel, making every stay a different experience.

19 Rooms - City Hotel - Restaurant - Romance - Classic - Cultural Destination - Swimming Pool - Spa

León, Nicaragua is a city with a lot of colonial history dating back to the 16th century. The Hotel El Convento is a present day version of what it once was during the establishment of the colony. With exuberant gardens, along with typical Spanish colonial architecture, the Hotel El Convento is a one-of-a-kind destination that blends in the ancient times with the present. With a selection of 31 executive hotels, and with a complimentary breakfast that shows the hospitality of the Nicaraguan people, the Hotel El Convento is a must stay location while traveling through the wonderful Nicaragua.

32 Rooms - City Hotel - Secondary city - Restaurant - Weddings - Tranquillity - Classic - Cultural Destination - Sightseeing

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Our Hotel is a luxury five-star hotel with a modern and contemporary style, housed in building with a distinguished French style. 725 Continental Hotel Buenos Aires is centrally located in Buenos Aires between Obelisk and Plaza de Mayo.

192 Rooms - City Hotel - Restaurant - Avant-garde - Large - Meeting Room - Shopping - Sightseeing - Wifi

Book Now From 112.67 USD
Unique boutique hotel with luxury apartments and a relaxing sunset. Baie des Anges Hotel is located on Mansa Beach, three miles from downtown Punta del Este.

20 Rooms - Water View - Seaside - Secondary city - Nightlife - Tranquillity - Classic - Small - Meeting Room - Swimming Pool - Spa

Book Now From 115.00 USD
The Hotel Majoro is one of Peru’s hidden secrets. Located in the ancient city of Nazca and nearby magnificent natural sites, the Hotel Majoro along with delicate and uniquely designed rooms makes it a perfect opportunity for an unforgettable stay. On site there is a dining room serving a great variety of food and also exquisite cocktails. The Hotel Majoro is surrounded by 30 hectares of nature, it is a magical getaway with possibilities to relax and enjoy.

88 Rooms - Secondary city - Countryside - Restaurant - Weddings - Honeymoon - Classic - Family - Swimming Pool

Located in the historical centre of the city, facing the Belgrano Square, Design Suites Salta is an extremely captivating boutique hotel in which the warmth of its people and the natural beauties of the surroundings are the landscape itself.

51 Rooms - City Hotel - Secondary city - Avant-garde - Meeting Room - Swimming Pool - Gym - Spa - Wifi

Book Now From 104.00 USD
Luxury boutique hotel, a place that shines with taste, elegance and charm. Located in the upper area of the Nimes peninsula, Design Suites Hotel Calafate offers the greatest panoramic view of the Lago Argentino.

60 Rooms - Water View - Secondary city - Countryside - Lake - Restaurant - Avant-garde - Swimming Pool - Sightseeing - Gym - Wifi

Book Now From 91.98 USD
Located in the north of Bogota, Wellness Hotel offers the perfect atmosphere to relax. The rooms are inspired by the four traditional elements earth, water, fire and air - and a fifth one which is love. You will also find all room amenities to offer you a comfortable stay and a restaurant offering fresh cuisine to promote a healthy lifestyle habit.

60 Rooms - City Hotel - Restaurant - Avant-garde - Cultural Destination - Sightseeing

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