Sofu Hotel, 北京

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Sofu Hotel 酒店概况

The Sofu Hotel is a boutique hotel located in one the historic Hutongs of Beijing – the Huguosi Hutong, mainly famous for its restaurants and street food. The rooms at the Sofu Hotel are decorated in a unique form, blending traditional Chinese features with modernity. Guests at the Sofu Hotel will be able to enjoy the most of Beijing as our boutique hotel is conveniently located right in the heart of the city. At only 100 meters is the metro stop, making it simple to visit the historic sites such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. The Sofu Hotel guarantees its guests that they will feel as if they were in the comfort of their home due to the many amenities offered and the care put into the design of the rooms.




北京, 中国 北京市,简称“京”,旧称“燕京”、“幽州”、“北平”,是中华人民共和国的首都、直辖市和国家中心城市,中国政治、文化、交通和国际交流中心,经济、金融的决策和管理中心[,中华人民共和国中央政府所在地。北京与西安、南京、洛阳并称中国“四大古都”,拥有6项世界遗产,是世界上拥有文化遗产项目数最多的城市,具有重要的国际影响力,也是世界上最大的城市之一。 1153年,金朝设中都,是为北京建都之始,2013年是北京建都860周年。金中都人口超过一百万。金中都为元、明、清三代的北京城的建设奠定了基础。 北京位于华北平原的西北边缘,背靠燕山,有永定河流经老城西南,毗邻天津市、河北省,是一座有三千余年建城历史、八百六十余年建都史的历史文化名城,历史上有金、元、明、清、中华民国(北洋政府时期)等五个朝代在此定都,以及数个政权建政于此,荟萃了自元明清以来的中华文化,拥有众多历史名胜古迹和人文景观。

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