The See Kandy Hotel, 康提

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The See Kandy Hotel 酒店概况

The Hotel See Kandy is a boutique hotel located in Kandy, Sri Lanka, where this becomes heaven on Earth. Fabulous rooms all with modern amenities including a private Jacuzzi for the luxury suite, make staying at the Hotel See Kandy a heartwarming experience. Antique furniture, spacious luxury bathrooms and an incredible decoration are the hotel’s main attributes along with a possibility to enjoy the fine Sri Lankan cuisine on-site. Overlooking the wonders of Sri Lanka, the Hotel See Kandy is on the hilly outskirts of the city, where being surrounded by lush gardens and a friendly staff make staying at the Hotel See Kandy like a dream come true.




康提, 斯里兰卡 康提建立于公元l4世纪,位于斯里兰卡南部中央,康提是斯里兰卡第二大城市依山傍水风景秀丽,被生长着稀有植物物种的群山环抱,地处热带植物生长地带。历史上是行政和宗教中心。辛加人的祖先统治该岛长达2000多年。康提古城,以佛教圣地闻名于世,是辛哈拉国王统治时期的最后一个首都,在l8l5年被英国人征服之前,曾享有2500多年的文化繁荣。康提的佛牙寺为著名的历史建筑物,也是佛教徒的朝圣之地。1998年联合国教科文组织将圣城康提作为文化遗产,列入《世界遗产名录》。